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Announcing version 10.6

Includes performance monitoring of Ruby on Rails apps, new REST APIs to integrate Applications Manager data to your web portals and an option to configure 'Tomcat Manager' URI for monitoring Tomcat server. View screenshot tour >>

Feature in Focus: APM Insight for Ruby on Rails
Transaction Monitoring comes to Ruby on Rails Environments

After enhancing our Java transaction monitoring capabilties with the 'APM Insight' feature earlier this year, we are now offering the same capabilities for Ruby on Rails environments. This means the power of APM Insight in all its glory, including Apdex scores for user satisfaction measurement, performance metrics from URL to SQL query and transaction traces, are now available for Ruby apps too.

Transaction monitoring for Ruby on Rails environments

Developers can use APM Insight's capabilities to identify slow spots in a Ruby transaction using method level traces and database queries. The IT team can make use of transaction trace history and performance metrics of all components ranging from URLs to SQL queries for troubleshooting purposes. They can also use the Apdex scores to communicate application performance achievements to business managers.

The APM Insight feature works across Mongrel, Phusion Passenger, WEBrick, Apache, lighttpd, Nginx and other popular Ruby web servers. Learn more >>

Get notified when your scheduled backup doesn't work

Often times it is hard to know if your scheduled backup is working correctly. You might need to manually check the corresponding files/folders to ensure the backup is taking place, which is a waste of time and effort.

The new 'age check' feature in Applications Manager's file/directory monitor checks if specific files/folders are changed during a given timeframe and notifies you if there is no change. So if your daily backup runs for 1 hour, you can use this feature to get notified if the target folder is not modified during that timeframe.

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"Applications Manager shows long term statistics to help predict when our servers need upgrades or replacement. In particular, it helped us to increase SQL server performance."

 Jeroen Dijt

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The real browser monitor toolbar is now available for Internet Explorer version 9. This means you can now record & play back web transactions with the latest version of Internet Explorer.
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