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Announcing Version 11

Includes support for monitoring NoSQL technologies like Cassandra and MongoDB, a change in our pre-bundled database from MySQL to PostgreSQL, and enhancements to JBoss and Windows server monitors.  View screenshot tour >>

Feature in Focus: Big Data Monitoring
Operational Intelligence for Cassandra and MongoDB databases

NoSQL database technologies such as MongoDB and Apache Cassandra power many of the complex, dynamic, data-intensive cloud apps today. These technologies, though useful, also add to the complexity of apps that the IT team needs to manage. With our newly launched Cassandra and MongoDB performance monitors, we aim to bring visibility into the performance of NoSQL databases that support 'big data'.

With Applications Manager, you can now proactively monitor the performance of your MongoDB and Cassandra databases and ensure the apps powered by them perform well at all times. These capabilities co-exist with our monitoring capabilities for traditional databases such as Oracle, Sybase and MySQL.

Monitor Cassandra clusters with Applications Manager

The key performance metrics of Cassandra monitored by Applications Manager include heap size and usage, garbage collection, IO wait, cache hit rate and compaction count.

For MongoDB, Applications Manager tracks key performance indicators such as memory utilization details, open connection statistics, CPU usage, database operation performance and latency, transaction details, response time, lock current queue and journaling statistics.

Monitor MongoDB performance with Applications Manager

Take a detailed look at what we have to offer for your Cassandra and MongoDB systems.

Introducing PostgreSQL as your default database

Up until version 11, the default database bundled with Applications Manager was MySQL. From this version, we have moved to PostgreSQL. You can read more about this change here.

To move to our latest version, please download and apply the relevant service packs from our website. Know more >>

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"We've seen a huge improvement in response times and how we can deal with potential problems."

 Ricardo Lemus
 Organization of American States

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Did you Know?
Release 11.0 supports monitoring JBoss 6.0, Windows 8 and Windows 2012 servers.
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