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Generate Java Thread Dumps when Application Slows Down

Every once in a while you might run into a situation where your Java application seems to hang when running under load. In these situations, taking a Java thread dump (stack trace) is a way of finding out what every thread in the JVM is doing at a particular point in time.

Applications Manager helps you monitor the JVM and take a thread dump when there is an error, like when your application's CPU crosses a threshold limit. With this thread dump, you can find out how many threads are running, how much CPU is being consumed by each thread and even identify deadlocked threads.

Take a Java thread dump when there is an error

By expanding the underlying stack trace, you can drill down further and identify the slow java method. This will help your development team fix application performance issues without having to do detailed code analysis.

Auto-Provision Cloud Resources to Handle Peak Traffic
If you are running a cloud-based service or application, you will know that sudden surges in traffic can slow down your application. Although you can quickly add extra resources on the cloud, you still have to ensure that you adequately provision them. Applications Manager's automated cloud provisioning is a smarter way of ensuring your apps have enough firepower to handle the peak load.

Auto-provision Amazon EC2 instances

To make use of this feature, you have to create Amazon EC2 instance actions and associate them to your Amazon EC2 instances. Applications Manager will then automatically start/stop/restart these EC2 instances when threshold levels are breached.

For example, new instances can be automatically added to an application grid when the number of transactions in your MySQL database exceeds a certain limit. Read more >>

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Did you know?
By default, Applications Manager retains the performance data of your monitors for 365 days. If you want to increase or decrease this value, navigate to Admin->Reports Settings, and modify the values in the Data Retention tab.

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"We use Applications Manager for end-to-end monitoring of our global IT systems infrastructure, and have had it in production for approximately 2 years. We manage more than 4000 systems, supporting operations in dozens of countries. An outstanding product and support organization overall."

Dave Blodgett
Wyndham Worldwide

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