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Troubleshoot Java applications faster with APM Insight

The all-new 'APM Insight for Java Web Transactions' feature provides better visibility into how Java applications behave for your end users. It also helps you quickly pinpoint and resolve application performance degradation issues regardless of the cause. By including user satisfaction measurement metrics such as Apdex scores alongside other key performance metrics, APM Insight enables you deliver a superior end user experience.

Improved Java transaction monitoring with APM Insight

You can view the transaction trace history and performance metrics of all components, ranging from URLs to SQL queries. If there is any performance degradation, you can see a trail of Java method invocations to further pinpoint the problematic code. Learn more >>

Access Applications Manager from mobile devices

IT personnel managing mission-critical applications need to quickly identify and resolve application performance issues even while on the move. Accessing their APM solution from mobile phones will make them even more effective, beyond the confines of office or wired internet connection.

This is the reason why we have now introduced options to access Applications Manager from your mobile devices. There are two ways of doing this. If you are an iPhone user, you can download our free iPhone app from the Apple store. If you use other smartphones such as Android-based ones, you can use our browser-based mobile client.

Both these options allow you to add applications for monitoring, receive notifications and identify performance issues on the go.   Learn more >>

Access Applications Manager on the move

To view a screenshot tour of our latest features, click here.

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"Using Applications Manager, we have been able to monitor our infrastructure better. We provide uninterrupted access to our online systems 24/7, resulting in an 5x growth in the number of orders from our clients during the last 2 years."

 Ruslan Konviser
Systems Architect
 Go Global Travel

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You can now change the logo in the .pdf and .xls reports generated by Applications Manager. Just navigate to Admin->Reports Settings->Logo Settings and select your custom image.
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