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Feature in Focus: Redis Monitoring

Today’s application infrastructures are complex, distributed, and large scale. With recent advances in distributed computing along with the explosion of the cloud, many organizations have turned to NoSQL Databases and in-memory data store technologies for scalability and performance enhancements. One such popular technology, Redis – an open source, high performance key-value store, is enjoying rapid growth in businesses that want to leverage its speed and durability.

Providing Meaningful Performance Stats For IT Operations

Starting with version 11.1, Applications Manager provides operational intelligence to users running Redis, helping them ensure high availability and performance for business applications. Applications Manager’s new comprehensive Redis performance monitoring capability helps minimize downtime and optimize the performance of cloud apps powered by the Redis store.

Monitor Redis key-value stores with Applications Manager

We monitor key performance metrics like used memory, data size, replication, slow queries, and persistence of Redis dataset. The performance analytics from Applications Manager help IT dev/ops staff understand and optimize the usage of Redis and Redis-powered apps. Learn More.

Monitor Redis keyspace statistics with Applications Manager

The support for Redis is complementary to the existing out-of-the-box support for 50+ apps such as Cassandra, MongoDB, Memcached, Tomcat, JBoss and VMware.

Improved Microsoft IIS Web Server Monitor

On a larger scale, web servers like Microsoft IIS provide the front end to a lot of multi-tier applications. Applications Manager monitors websites hosted on IIS, application pool health and even individual web transactions. Learn More.

To move to our latest version, please download and apply the relevant service packs from our website. Learn More >>

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"ManageEngine Applications Manager has enabled us to take control of systems monitoring and save us valuable resources, not only monetary, but time as well."

 Matt Moore, Programmer Analyst
Great Lakes Energy

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Did you Know?
Release 11.1 supports Nginx server monitoring, helping you gain insight into performance of your web server.

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