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Use Applications Manager to Monitor NGINX; Here's Why
Optimize your in-production Nginx webserver performance.

With their ability to scale out for unparalleled efficiency and low-resource consumption, open source NGINX web servers power almost 140 million sites, worldwide. With Applications Manager's NGINX monitoring feature, you can visualize theNGINX web server's performance and track key NGINX server load metrics.

Extended metrics include number of active and idle connections to upstream servers, request and response rate, throughput information and more. The metrics will be charted in Applications Manager's comprehensive performance graphs. You can configure alerts based on the reported values, execute custom scripts to start Nginx in case of failure, and take corrective action when performance degrades. Read More:

Accessing Your Performance Data with the Applications Manager Rest APIs

Rest APIs are the practical solution to mining application performance monitoring data from Applications Manager and integration with internal portals and third-party monitoring tools.

Using any XML parser in a scripting language, such as Java, C, Perl or Python you can make HTTPs requests in the format recommended in the API. You can then insert this data into your own database or format it per your need. All data per monitor can be collected in either the XML or the JSON format.

With the last release, Applications Manager has added Rest APIs to configure mail, proxy and SMS servers, apply license, and even list user roles. Click here for guidelines on how to use Rest APIs in Applications Manager >>

Interested in Beta Testing Our Siebel Monitor?

For the past few weeks, some of our developers have been passionately working to create a new monitor to track the performance of Siebel systems.

We're now inviting beta testers for this monitor. The beta version will help track key indicators of Siebel including availability, health, and performance of Siebel components, sessions and statistics. If you would like to participate in the beta testing and begin playing around with the Siebel monitor features, Register Here.

As a beta tester for this exciting new feature, you'll be one of the first users to try out its new performance charts and reports. Your inputs will help us refine our Siebel monitor. We'd love to hear from you.

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"Applications Manager beats other monitoring solutions by far. You can't get a similar solution with all these options and the great support next to it at this price anywhere else. I have become a champion of your product."

Guido Thonissen
Certis Europe

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User Administration module in Applications Manager is enhanced to reuse the User Groups defined in Active Directory\LDAP
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March 2013: Applications Manager introduces support for monitoring the performance of VMware vFabric RabbitMQ messaging systems. Components monitored included queued messages, node details, message publish rates, connections, exchanges, channels and more..
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