November 2010   
Anomaly Detection - The Crystal Ball into your Application’s Future Performance

Imagine the load on your server is increasing gradually over a period of time. After a certain stage, your application begins to respond slower and your customers start getting frustrated. How do you keep track of such problems that creep into your system over a longer period?

Applications Manager's Anomaly Detection feature detects potential threats to server or application performance beforehand and sends out alarms. Your IT team can analyze and interpret the alarms generated and take pre-emptive action before things go out of hand. It becomes the crystal ball through which you can see, analyze and predict how your application will perform in the future.

You have to define anomaly profiles on the performance metrics of an application or server such as CPU Utilization. Applications Manager then continually compares the performance data with the pre-defined set of best data and sends notifications if they deviate from established patterns. Any deviation from normal behavior can be interpreted as a potential threat to application performance.

The Anomaly Dashboard helps you track the performance of monitors and even view metrics across technologies for a specific "Business Service".

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If you don’t want to receive alerts during a pre-planned downtime, all you need to do is create a ‘Downtime Schedule’ in Applications Manager and associate your monitors to it.

Customer Speak

"ManageEngine Applications Manager allows us to understand how critical applications are performing to ensure we keep our business operations functioning at an optimum level. We can keep tabs on the performance and availability of key applications, servers and databases, from a single console."

Melissa Bertram
CooperVision, Inc

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