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Announcing Applications Manager Version 10.1

Includes support for monitoring VMware vFabric tc Server and the Spring applications deployed on the server, SSL certificate monitoring and more.

Features in Focus:
VMware vFabric tc Server Monitoring

VFabric, the cloud application platform from VMware, is being increasingly used to develop virtual and cloud applications. vFabric tc Server is the application server that is at the heart of the vFabric platform. You can now use Applications Manager to ensure high availability and optimal performance of your VMware vFabric tc Servers as well as the Spring-based applications that are running on those servers.

vfabric monitoring

Applications Manager tracks multiple key performance indicators of the vFabric tc Server such as throughput, cache, transactions and more. These metrics will help you understand how your vFabric resources are being utilized and helps in capacity planning. You can also track SLA compliance and ensure a superior quality experience to your end users.  Read more >>
SSL Certificate Monitoring
An expired SSL certificate warning is not what you want your users to see when they land on your website. It ends up confusing your website visitors and can even affect the credibility of your service. The new SSL certificate monitoring feature of Applications Manager monitors the expiry date of SSL certificates and notifies you before they expire. This automates the job of managing SSL certificates so that you can seamlessly deliver web content to your clients without worrying about SSL certificate renewals.   Read more >>

SSL certificate monitoring


Did you Know?
You have the option to execute email/SMS actions only during selected business hours, so that you will not receive unimportant alarms after work hours.

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Customer Speak

"We first choose Applications Manager for its unique capability to monitor WebLogic Server. We then found out it was so easy to use and powerful that we've migrated our monitoring from Nagios and SiteScope to Applications Manager."

Pierre Levesque
AOL France

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