September 2010   
Announcing Applications Manager Version 9.3

Includes support for monitoring Amazon Cloud Infrastructure and other enhancements such as setting alarm severity of SNMP traps at runtime. Find out what's new >>

Features in Focus

Cloud Monitoring
Monitor availability, health and performance of Amazon EC2 and RDS instances as well as attached EBS volumes. Metrics shown include CPU utilization, storage space, network traffic, network latency, disk reads/writes, etc. Read More >>

Virtualization Monitoring
Monitor availability and performance of VMware ESX/ESXi host servers and their guest virtual machine instances. Track key performance indicators such as CPU, memory, network utilization stats, top virtual machines consuming server resources, etc. Read More >>

Memcached Monitoring
Detect and resolve problems with your caching systems faster. Ensure optimal performance of your database-driven web applications in the cloud.  Read More >>

PostgreSQL Monitoring
Monitor the health and performance of PostgreSQL database servers. Quickly identify, analyze and resolve bottlenecks impacting PostgreSQL response time. Read More >>

From the Community
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Tip of the month
If the IP address of your server has changed, you can update the new IP in Applications Manager by running the updateIp.bat file under the AppManager_Home\bin\troubleshooting folder. You can also use the 'UpdateIp' option available in the ‘Bulk Config’ view.

Customer Speak

"The value I get from using Applications Manager is tremendous. Regardless of whether the applications are running in physical, virtual or cloud environments, Applications Manager gives me insight and control through a single easy to use interface. I recommend it"

Robert Perez
Enterprise Security Administrator
Ventura Foods, LLC

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