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Monitoring your physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure

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JAN 31st, 2018
11:30 am EST | USA, UK, Canada and Mexico
Duration: 1Hour

In this session, you will understand how to monitor different components of your business infrastructure such as application servers, databases, big data stores, web servers, ERP software, middleware and messaging components, as well as virtual and cloud resources. You will also learn how to assign threshold values, configure alerts, automate corrective actions, generate reports, and create custom dashboards.

Your takeaway from this session:

  • Performance insights

    Learn how to monitor the key elements of your business infrastructure such as servers, databases, application servers, web servers, cloud applications, etc.

  • Configuring thresholds

    Creating thresholds and tracking threshold violations.

  • Configuring corrective actions

    Assigning automatic corrective actions to instantly handle issues.

  • Reports & Dashboards

    Generating realtime as well as historical reports. Customize dashboards to keep tabs on key performance metrics all the time.


  • Name : Selvaraj Muthu
  • Role : Technical Consultant

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