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Server and Infrastructure monitoring

These are the questions asked during server and infrastructure monitoring training.


  • Can event log monitor log files? Applications Manager can monitor Windows Logs using the Event Log monitoring. Any other logs can be monitored using File monitoring in Applications Manager.
  • How can you monitor cache memory for Linux and Unix servers? ManageEngine Applications Manager only captures the physical and swap memory of Linux servers
  • When you restart a process, the process ID changes. How do we monitor the processes without adding them everytime? Applications Manager monitors process name and its commands & arguments. As we don't monitor using process ID, it will remain unaffected by any change in process ID as long as the commands and args matches. You can also modify the commands and args in Applications Manager in such a way that it only includes static values.
  • Which protocol should be used to get the network and hardware information?Applications Manager uses WMI/SNMP to get the hardware information of servers. At the moment, we support Dell and HP Servers for hardware monitoring.
  • How do we get information when a server is rebooted between polling intervals? In Applications Manager, you receive an alert if a server is restarted in between polls. To enable it, go to Admin -> Performance Polling -> Server and enable the option "Alert If the Server is restarted in between the polls".
  • How can we get data based on polling interval? Applications Manager will show you the polled data report that can be extended upto 7 days.
  • Is it possible to monitor servers that are hosted in the cloud? Applications Manager provides out-of box monitoring for Azure VMs and Amazon EC2 Instances. We will soon be providing support for Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud. However, you can also add the VMs in Cloud directly.
  • How do we create forecast reports? In the reports tab, once you choose the attribute and time period, the forecast report gets generated automatically.There is no additional input necessary from the user end.
  • Is support for KVM monitor in the pipeline? KVM is in the test phase. We will be providing support for it soon.
  • Is there an API that can be tied to custom applications? Yes. Applications Manager supports Rest API using which you can export all data in XML or JSON format.
  • What types of hardware monitors does Applications Manager support? At the moment, Applications Manager supports only HP and Dell server monitoring. We're working on introducing generic hardware monitoring using WMI.
  • Is there any difference in functionality when it comes to APM Plug-in for OpManager?Except user management, you can perform all the functions in the Plug-In version for Applications Manager in OpManager.

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