Frequently asked Questions

This set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Desktop Central answers queries that you may have about Desktop Central. Send us an e-mail message, if you have any questions that remain unanswered.


1. What are the system requirements for Desktop Central?
2. Which operating systems does Desktop Central support?
3. Can Desktop Central UI be localized to other languages?
4. What is the difference between the various editions of Desktop Central?
5. Do I have to write scripts to use Desktop Central?
6. What is Scope of Management (SoM)?
7. Can I group and define configurations or do I have to define them individually?
8. When and how do configurations get applied to computers and users?
9. How do I access the User Interface (UI) of Desktop Central from a remote location?
10. What do I use the Define Target feature for?
11. My free trial expired before I could complete my evaluation of Desktop Central. Can I receive an extension?
12. How is Desktop Central licensed?
13. Why are configurations in Desktop Central created using a Web interface?
14. Which ports are used by the Desktop Central application?
15. Which database does Desktop Central support to store data?
16. Which Web server does Desktop Central use?
17. I have an Internet Information Services (IIS) application installed in my computer. Can I configure the settings in Desktop Central to use this IIS instead of its own?
18. Can I install a software application if the User Account Control (UAC) setting is enabled?
19. Will new computers that are added in the domain receive configurations automatically once they check in with desktop Central?
20. Does Desktop Central support Home editions of Windows OS like Windows XP Home, Windows 7 Home Premium?
21.Do we have any option for multiple active directory inputs in Desktop Central?
22. How will the Desktop Central agent reach the Distribution Server if the port number used for their communication has been changed?
23. What is IP Scope and What are its advantages?
24. What will happen if the agents are unable to reach the Desktop Central Server to report the status after performing any task?
25.What minimum access requirements are needed if I configure Desktop Central without using a domain admin account? does it ensure that all the features still work?
26. Is Desktop Central capable of managing Virtual computers?
27. How to install Desktop Central agent in a different drive?
28. When automatic patch deployment is applied to a OU, and a new computer is added to a OU, will the task pick the newly added computer?
29.what is "dcagentupdater" scheduled task?
30. Is it possible to use Desktop Central to manage computers without installing agents?
31. Is it mandatory for all the managed computers have connection to the internet?
32. Can I use Desktop Central to manage computers that does not belong to a domain?
33. Which exe should I download, a 32-bit or 64-bit version?

Remote Control

1. Which ports must I open to use the Remote Control feature?
2. Which ports must I open to use the File Transfer feature during a remote control session?
3. Can I view multiple monitors of a remote computer simultaneously?
4. The UI-rendering while using the Remote Control feature is slow. How can I improve its speed?
5. What is the difference between Fast and Best Compression levels?
6. On which browsers can I use the Remote Control feature?
7. Is it possible for multiple users to login remotely to a computer at the same time?
8. How do I lock a keyboard or a mouse or blacken the display on a remote computer?
9. What will happen when I take a remote session of a Virtual Computer?
10.Do you support Mac machines?
11. How to locate the file where the remote control session is recorded?

Software Deployment

1. Which type of software repository is recommended for computers in remote location; is it a network share or HTTP share?
2. Why must I specify "Run As" when Desktop Central already has the credentials stored under Admin > SoM > Edit Credentials?
3. Why must I specify the MSI Root Path? It is identical to the MSI file name with network path.

Mobile Device Management

1. What are the prerequisites for Device Enrollment?
2. What are the ports that need to open for mobile device management?
3. What Operating systems are supported in DC-MDM?
4.How can we manage BYOD?
5.Do I need an Apple enterprise/developer account to manage iOS devices?
6.What is the difference between AppStore Apps and Enterprise/In-house Apps?
7. What is Volume Purchase Program (VPP)?
8. What is behavior of Restriction policy in iOS devices?
9. What is difference between Complete Wipe and Corporate Wipe?
10. Can a passcode policy forced on the mobile device be revoked by the user?
11. How to impose policies on devices in such a way that the users cannot revoke it?
12. What is an .apk file?
13. What will happen when if I distribute an iOS app to Android and Windows devices?
14. Why should i enable 'Device Administrator' in my Android mobile device?
15. What do you mean by imposed policies?
16. What is meant by violated policies?
17. Can we install an AppStore app without entering the apple ID?
18. Can you wipe the data from the device's external memory?
19.Can you revoke the license code after installing the App?
20.What is the difference between Idle Timeout before lock and Grace Period for device lock?
21. Do I need internet connection on the Desktop Central and the managed mobile devices?
22. Why should i renew APNs before a month of its expiry?
23. How to protect Corporate Data on the mobile devices?
24. Should the user have to use the Apple ID password while installing the Apps from App Catalog?
25. Can I use Desktop Central to force install Apps on the managed Devices?
26. What are the Prerequisites for Self Enrollment?
27. Do I need to re-enroll my mobile devices after changing the Public IP address for NAT settings?
28. Can iOS update be restricted on the managed mobile device?
29. What are the prerequisites for Windows Phone Enterprise App Distribution?
30. What is AET? What is its purpose?


1. How to clear chat history?
2. What will happen if port # 8022 is already in use?
3.Under which circumstances will chat session fail?
4.What will happen when we try to initiate a chat session with the user who is inactive?
5.How often will the logged on User names be refreshed?



1. After integrating Desktop Central with ServiceDesk Plus, is it necessary to use both their agents?
2. I have license to manage 1000 nodes in ServiceDesk Plus and have purchased license to manage 500 computers in Desktop Central. How does integration work in this scenario?