Licensing the Product

Desktop Central is available in four variants- Free, Patch, Professional, and Enterprise Editions

Download the product from the Website.

The Free Edition, Patch Edition, Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition, come packaged as a single download. During the evaluation phase, the Enterprise Edition is installed, and can be evaluated for 30 days. After 30 days, it is automatically gets converted to the Free Edition, unless the Patch/Professional/Enterprise Edition license is purchased. Given below is the comparison matrix of the features available in the various editions:


Patch Edition



Free Edition**

Software Deployment

Patch Management

Non-Microsoft Patch Management

Antivirus Definition Updates

Asset Management

Mobile Device Management *

Mobile Application Management *

Remote Control

Transfer Files in Remote Session

Service Pack Deployment

Windows Configurations

USB Device Management

Power Management

Windows System  Tools


User Logon Reports

Active Directory Reports


Managing Desktops Across WAN

Manage Desktops of Roaming Users

Multi-Technician Support

Role Based Administration

Active Directory Authentication

Distribution Server for Bandwidth Optimization

*Add-on Product

*Wake On LAN, System Manager and Remote Shutdown.

** Free Edition can be used to manage up to 25 desktops.

*** Granular reports on Active Directory are not available in the Free Edition.

For purchasing the license or for any pricing related queries, please contact

To upgrade from a Trial/Free Edition to Patch/Professional/Enterprise Edition

  1. When you purchase the product, the license file will be sent through e-mail, which can be used to upgrade the product.

  2. Click the License link available in the top right corner of the Desktop Central client. This opens the License details of the product.

  3. Click the Upgrade Now link and select the license file received from ManageEngine using the Browse button.

  4. Click Upgrade button to upgrade.


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