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Free SNMP MIB Browser - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Java is not available in my system due to security restrictions. Can I still use the tool?
    Yes you can. The tool itself is bundled with Java Runtime Environment (JRE) which runs the MibBrowser (java) application. Hence, installing java in your machine is not required.
  2. How do I give Hex strings for SET values in MIB Browser?
    The SnmpString class accepts Hex strings in a certain format. Any string that starts and ends with a single quote(') is interpreted as an Hex string. The individual bytes should be separated using a colon(:). For example, if you need to enter 0x2a304cab, it should be supplied as '2a:30:4c:ab'.
  3. How do I give Hex values in the ContextEngineID or in the ContextName text fields?
    The Hex values should start with a 0x or 0X. Therefore, if you set a value for contextID or contextName, it should be 0xHHHHHH.
  4. What are the units for timeout and retry values?
    Both the timeout and retry values should be given in seconds. If you give the timeout value in milliseconds, it takes much time to get timed out. For example, a value of 1000 waits for 1000 seconds.
  5. How do I set values for the table variables?
    To create a new row in a table:
    • Define a column with SYNTAX RowStatus, and the definition for the table should have RowStatus object defined.
    • Select the Table node from the tree and the Table button from the toolbar to display the corresponding table.
    • Right-click on the table header where the name of the column is displayed. It displays a menu with the following options.
      • View Graph for Selected Row
      • Add a New Row to the Table
      • Delete the Selected Rows from the Table
    • Select Add a New Row to the Table. It displays a window for entering the values of the table.
    • The value for the column with RowStatus syntax should be 4 for creating a new row.
    • Click OK after entering all the values.

    If RowStatus is not present in the table definition, you can only modify the existing row by double-clicking the corresponding cell in the table.
  6. In MIB Browser, when I make a request, I get the "NO HOST Specified" error. What should I do?
    Before making any request, the host name or the IP address of the machine in which the agent is running should be specified in the "Host" text field of MibBrowser.
  7. How can I load multiple MIB files in MIB Browser?
    To load multiple MIBs, files should be separated by a blank space and be given within double quotes. For example,
    java MibBrowserApplication -m "mibs/RFC1213-MIB mibs/RFC1271-MIB mibs/RFC1155-MIB" -h localhost -c public
  8. When I ask for 10 rows in an SNMP table, the GETBULK returns only 6 rows and the last attribute of the sixth row is null. The sixth row seems to be truncated. What should I do?
    The number of rows you get back may be limited by the PDU size permitted by your agent, manager, or transport.
  9. When I start the Trap Viewer, I get the "net bind exception". What should I do?
    By default the trap browser starts in the port 162. If the port is reserved or if the port is already used by some application this error will occur. You can restart the trap browser by giving the port no of any unused port.
  10. How do I install the Linux version of MIB Browser?
    1. Download the BIN file
    2. Open a Terminal/Bash/Konsole.
    3. Go to BIN file download location.
    4. Provide the executable permission to BIN file using the command 'chmod a+x ManageEngine_MibBrowser_FreeTool.bin'
    5. Run the ./ManageEngine_MibBrowser_FreeTool.bin and complete the installation
  11. How to run the MIB Browser in Linux OS?
    1. Go to MIB Browser install location.
      Example, cd ~/<ManageEngine/ManageEngine_Free_Tools>/MibBrowser_Free_Tool/bin/
    2. Run the ./MibBrowser.sh or sh MibBrowser.sh file.