Network security and troubleshooting

Free Training

October 15, 2020
11:00 AM EDT | USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe
06:00 AM GMT | Middle East, Asia and Australia
Duration: 1 Hour

Diagnosing and troubleshooting network problems in modern complex networks is time consuming and far more troublesome. Learn how to manage your network traffic better and optimize it for smooth access to mission-critical applications. During this training session, we'll cover various troubleshooting actions available in NetFlow Analyzer to simplify and save your time while resolving network issues. Share your bandwidth woes with us and we will help you solve them better.

What you'll learn

  • Network Forensics
  • Security analytics with NetFlow Analyzer
  • Predicting and planning bandwidth needs
  • Traffic Shaping
  • Distributed monitoring
  • New features and updates

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  • Is there a feature where I can share the Dashboard with a specific department for monitoring their own application and visibility? Yes. You can create a user group based on department and create the dashboard for the users.
  • Can I convert the alert into a ticket? Yes, with a trap processing application, we can send SNMP traps.
  • In custom search, can reports be pulled for server IP or only for router Interface IP that is being used? Server IP.
  • I am missing the capacity planning report. How do I add it? It is an add-on for NetFlow Analyzer. You will be able to access it once you upgrade your license.
  • If an interface is not used, will we receive any flows? No.

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