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Application-centric infrastructure monitoring

These are the questions asked during "Application-centric infrastructure monitoring" training.


  • Is Applications Manager an agent based monitoring solution? Is it a specific agent or is it built into one of the others? Applications Manager is an agentless monitoring solution used to monitor applications, cloud, servers, databases, and more.
    For Application Performance Monitoring, we use agent-based monitoring to capture all the transactions running within the application.
  • How can I automate tasks in Applications Manager? You can automate tasks in Applications Manager using the Execute program, VM Start/Stop actions available under the Actions dropdown in GUI.
  • Is it possible to create dependencies for apps not supported by the ADDM feature? Yes, you can do so by creating a Monitor Group, associating the required monitors to that group and then mapping dependencies using Business View for that Monitor Group.
  • Is it possible to monitor specific Windows processes within an application? Yes, you can monitor specific Windows processes by adding processes within the Windows monitor.
  • How is server response time captured in Applications Manager? Response time will be captured based on the data collection time required to establish connection for the monitored resource.

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