Integrated Approach to Manage IT Networks

Integrated Approach to Manage IT Networks

Being a datacenter administrator is quite a daunting task. There's an endless list of metrics to be monitored and yet, there is always some scope for something going wrong. 

We, at ManageEngine, in an attempt to make the IT team's life easier, have attempted to solve some issues in this sphere and have dealt with specifically the traffic analytics side of the problem. 

Real-time monitoring of network traffic is an extremely powerful exercise which gives the IT teams, far-fetched visibility into the network that could potentially help them solve some bigger issues with a lot of ease. 

At the end of the webinar, the attendees will learn:

    • Key traffic types on a typical network
    • The impact of traffic
    • The golden 5 - Key factors to monitor
    • Tools that help monitoring 
    • Q & A session
Title 5 Keys to Effective Traffic monitoring in datacenter networks

Sai Sundhar P, Product Consultant, ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Date & Time

26th November, 11 AM IST

3rd December, 11 AM EST 

Duration: 45 minutes

About the presenter:

Sai Sundhar P, Product Consultant at ManageEngine has handled webinars in over a dozen Networking topics in the recent years. He also represents ManageEngine at seminars, tradeshows and conferences, which exposes him to a lot of real-world insight into the industry and helps get a global perspective on the different aspects of IT networking. 


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