Back up, Restore, and Compare Cisco Startup and Runtime Configuration Files

We utilize the product for scheduled backup and archiving of configurations from our Cisco devices across multiple subnets. After trying several products, some much pricier, we settled on OpUtils as it offers the best value and performance. The support has been fantastic and we appreciate the response and timely turnaround of the special features that we requested. Thanks again!

- Don Annas, President/CEO, Triad Telecom, Inc.

With too many devices to manage manually, administrators end up dealing with network downtime caused due to erroneous configuration changes. Automation of network configuration management simplifies processes like scheduling regular backups helps you to easily locate a backup file at the time of need. Routers/Switches often get upgraded or swapped out for a number of reasons. Hence it is important to maintain the latest and history of the router's/switch's configuration files. Cisco config backup tool helps to maintain the Starup and Runtime configuration files of the Cisco Router/Switch.

Configuration Management Files 

Cisco Config File Manager Features

Scheduled Backup for Cisco Config Files

CISCO Config File Management provides an option to take scheduled backup of the startup and running configuration files of the Cisco routers/switches. CISCO device configuration backup tool provides the flexibility to schedule backing up of the files on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. CISCO configuration backup tool retrieves the cisco configuration files at the defined intervals and stores it in the file system. The backed up configuration files can be viewed from the history in Cisco Configuration File Management.

Scheduled Backup for Cisco Config Files 

Multi-vendor Network Configuration Manager

For advanced configuration management of multiple device vendors, try Network Configuration Manager. Automate configuration backups, detect and track changes, ensure compliance and more using this tool.

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Real-time Monitoring of Cisco Config Files

Using the "Refresh" option in the CISCO config backup software, the latest startup and runtime configuration files of the cisco routers/switches can be retrieved. It helps to view the recent configuration files.


  1. The SNMP community string specified while adding a Cisco device (Switch / Router) is used for subsequent downloads of the startup and running config files. If the community string is changed in the device at a later date, subsequent downloads will fail. 
  2. The Cisco devices should have the CISCO-COPY-CONFIG MIB implemented in order to download the startup config files.

Startup Config Oputils 

Running Config Oputils 

Compare Cisco Config Files

OpUtils backup and restore CISCO config provides an option to compare the configuration files that are retrieved from the Cisco routers/switches. The comparison can be on any of the following:

  • Compare startup and running configuration files of a routers/switches.
  • Compare the startup configuration files of any two routers/switches.
  • Compare the running configuration files of any two routers/switches.
  • Compare the startup and running configuration files of any two routers/switches.

Cisco Switch Configuration Backup helps to compare the configurations between any two cisco routers/switches and correct the erroneous configurations, if any.

Compare Cisco Config Files 

Upload Cisco Config Files

All configurations that are made to the Cisco devices are finally stored in the config files from where the device reads and executes in the Cisco Router Configuration Backup. The CISCO switch configuration backup enables uploading of the configuration files to the device through TFTP server. IT administrators can make the necessary changes to the file and then upload this file to the device. It reduces the administrators' time when the same configuration has to be made to several similar devices.

History Config Oputils 

Upload Single Oputils 

There is also an option to upload mulitple Devices and start either Startup Config or Running Config, based on the necessary.

Upload Mulitple Oputils 

Free CISCO Configuration Backup tool

The CISCO Configuration backup tool can be used to manage a cisco router/switch in the OpUtils Free edition. For more details on tools available in Free edition, refer to Free Network Tools.

For more details, refer to the Cisco Config File Manager topic in the online help. For troubleshooting tips, refer to  Cisco Tools Knowledge Base