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A Self Service Password Reset Solution that empowers an end user to self reset his domain password in Windows Active Directory remotely from a web browser without IT-Helpdesk's assistance. Learn more  

A Self Service Account-Unlock Solution that enables a domain user to self unlock his domain account (in case of a lock-out) through a web browser and from any remote machine. Learn More  

Self Service Change Password solution provides an easy-to-use web interface through which domain users can change their passwords. The password policy is displayed on the ADSelfService Plus change password screen. Learn More  

Notify users via SMS/Email about their impending password expiry. Extremely useful for VPN & OWA users, who can now change their passwords from anywhere, anytime. Now 100% FREE with UNLIMITED users support. Learn More  

Password Policy Enforcer : Password Policy Enforcement ensures superior network security. This feature can implement strong password policies without annoying end-users. You can not only build domain password policies with this, but even get down to the level of OU for a fine-grained password policy. What's more, it even allows you to create custom password policy! Learn More  

ADSelfService Plus login agents provide users access to password self-service right from the login prompts of Windows OS, Mac OS X, Outlook Web Access, SharePoint and Citrix Web Interface. It allows users to reset password/unlock account from their machines itself and eliminates dependency on other users' machines. Learn More  

ADSelfService Plus provides enhanced security during password reset and account unlock through multi-factor authentication, a system that makes it much harder for hackers to capture valid credentials of a user account. Administrators can choose between Security Q&A, SMS/Email Verification, Google Authenticator, Duo Security, RSA SecurID, and RADIUS authentication, or a combination of the above methods. Learn More  

Provide two-factor authentication (TFA) to all local and remote Windows login attempts. Windows Logon TFA requires users to input their Active Directory domain credentials and additionally authenticate via the selected TFA method configured in ADSelfService Plus during every logon. Learn more. Learn More  

ADSelfService Plus can automatically update cached Active Directory credentials when users reset their passwords. Users can now gain access to their Windows machines from anywhere, anytime and work uninterrupted even if they are not connected to their corporate network. Learn More  

Automatic Account Unlock/ Password Reset: Automatically scouts the network for locked-out user accounts and unlocks them, saving a great deal of time for IT helpdesk. Similarly, it can also seek users with expired passwords and reset them automatically. Learn More  

Let users gain access to their Windows account (for self-service) immediately from anywhere, anytime and any device. ADSelfService Plus has Mobile Apps for Android, iOS and other platforms for 24/7 self-service support to end-users who are 'on the move'. Learn More  

End user audit reports and email acknowledgements for all password self-service actions ensure ‘no–compromise’ on the security. ADSelfService Plus offers unrivaled features such as Restrict Inactive User Accounts, Enforce PASSWORD HISTORY and lots more… Learn More  

While it’s impossible to recover forgotten or expired passwords in Windows Active Directory, you could still help users reset them without help desk assistance. Empower your users with self-service capabilities of ADSelfService Plus for no hassle Active Directory password management. Learn More  

ADSelfService Plus adds immense value to your business by reducing costs, improving employee productivity, ensuring superior return on investment, and most importantly as a web based secure and easy interface to the domain user. Learn More  

Reduce Helpdesk Tickets: Combining self-service password management and multi-factor authentication, this solution for Windows Active Directory eliminates helpdesk tickets and the cost associated with helpdesk calls to a great extent. Learn More  

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