Enrollment Reports:


These reports provide information regarding the 'Enrollment of the users' which help you to bring about effective enrollment of end-users.

The users can generate four different kinds of enrollment reports.

  1. Enrolled Users Report

  2. Non-Enrolled Users Report

  3. Licensed Users Report

  4. Security Ques & Ans Report

I Enrolled Users Report:

The Enrolled Users report provides you with the list of users who have enrolled themselves by undertaking the 'Identity Verification' process (Security Ques & Ans/Authentication via mail or SMS).The 'Enrolled Users' are provided with the rights to the 'Reset Password or Unlock Account' self-service feature. This report lets you to filter the results based on the type of enrollment performed. It also displays the mail address, secondary mail address and mobile number used during the identity verification process.

II Non-Enrolled Users Report:

The Non-Enrolled Users report highlights the list of users who are yet to enroll with the ADSelfService Plus application (users who have not undertaken the 'Identity Verification' process).These users are not provided with the rights to the 'Reset password or Unlock accounts' self-service feature.


III Licensed Users Report:

This report lists the users who have been allotted with the licenses provided by the ADSelfService Plus application. The information provided by this report is helpful for the effective management of the users licenses.


This report keeps track of the 'Licenses-In-Use' in the form of the 'License Count Feature'.It provides various statistics regarding license like the 'Total, Used & Free' licenses.

Users who are taken into consideration for the 'License Count' feature are 'Enrolled Users','Non-Enrolled Users'(users who have logged into the application but are yet to enroll) & the 'Technicians'


It also provides you with the option of 'Deleting Users'(who no longer are in need of the license) from the 'Licensed Users List'.This process is accomplished by generating the 'Inactive Users List' & 'deleting their licenses' with the help of the 'Restrict Users' feature.


You can also 'Filter Out The List Of Licensed Users'(Enrolled/Non-Enrolled/Technician) using the 'Filter' option.


IV Security Ques & Ans Report:


This report generates the list of enrolled users along with their respective security question(s) & answer(s).It helps you to keep track of the details provided by the users via the security question & answer identification process. You can also search for users based on the security question set by them.


The information provided by these reports serve for assisting the helpdesk officials and also for auditing purposes.


Enrollment Report Generation:

  1. Select the "Reports" tab (Reports --> Enrollment Reports)

  2. Select the "Domain" from the drop down box

  3. For "OU" based selection, click on "ADD OUs" link (Select the "Desired OUs" & click "OK")

  4. Click on "Generate" button.

The "Specified List Of Users" would be generated


Other Available Options:

Quick Search:


As the name suggests, this option is used to perform 'Quick Search' for users (by using their names) instead of executing the tedious task of going through the entire user list.


Export & Printable:

Using this 'Export' option, you can export the 'List of users in bulk' in various formats like CSV, CSVDE, HTML, PDF & XLS'. This process is usually carried out for auditing purposes, while the 'Printable' option is used to view the printable version of the 'list of users'.

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