Self-service password management tool for Spiceworks

Integrate ADSelfService Plus and Spiceworks, to eliminate password-related help desk calls.

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Are forgotten passwords leading to decreased user productivity and excessive help-desk tickets?

ADSelfService plus from ManageEngine can help.

It is a web and mobile-based self-service password management solution that lets employees reset their forgotten passwords and unlock their locked-out accounts for on-premises Active Directory (AD) and cloud applications, without help-desk assistance. The solution completely eliminates password-related help desk calls with its self-service password reset capability. It also secures the password reset process using multi-factor authentication via biometrics, email-based passcodes, YubiKey, and more.

ADSelfService Plus, when integrated with Spiceworks, brings the benefits of password self-service directly to your Spiceworks help desk and user portal. Users can easily access the password self-service options right from the Spiceworks portal freeing up the help desk admins to focus on other high priority tickets.

Provide your users' with self-service password reset right on the Spiceworks portal

Steps to integrate
ADSelfService Plus with Spiceworks

  • Step 1: Activate password self-service in Spiceworks
    1. Download and install ADSelfService Plus if you haven't already.
    2. Launch Spiceworks and go to Help Desk > Settings.
    3. Click on the Manage Apps icon in the left pane.
    4. Click on the toggle against ADSelfService Plus under ManageEngin Active Directory to activate password self-service integration.
    5. Enter the Server Name or IP address of the machine in which you have installed ADSelfService Plus.
    6. Enter the Port Number used by ADSelfService Plus.
    7. Select the Protocol used in ADSelfService Plus.
    8. Select the option Enable for the User Portal to add a Reset Password and Unlock Account link to the user portal.
    9. Select the option Enable automated help desk ticket responses to set up a ticket rule that will respond to password reset requests with an automated message instructing users on how to self-reset password and self-unlock account using ADSelfService Plus.
    10. Select the Enable AdQuickview Widget in the Dashboard to add a quick view widget that displays critical information in your inventory dashboard.
    11. Click Integrate now.
  • Step 2: Enable password reset and account unlock in the Spiceworks user Portal

    Once you've enabled ADSelfService Plus for the user portal, you can now add a Reset Password/Unlock Account link on the Spiceworks user portal.

    1. Go to Help Desk > User Portal > Manage the Content.
    2. Click the View and Design Portal button at the top of the page.
    3. Click the Manage Content button in the top right corner of the page. In the pop-up that appears, click Password Self-Service by ManageEngine under Third Party Content.
    4. Click Close.
    spiceworks-view-mv-2 spiceworks-add-user-view-3
  • Step 3: Configure ticket rules to send automated password reset instructions to users

    Spiceworks already has a ticket rule that will send an automated response containing self-help instructions anytime a user submits a ticket for password reset. You can configure the rule by following the steps given below.

    1. Go to Settings > Manage Apps.
    2. Hover the mouse over My Ticket Rules and click Edit.
    3. By default, the rule has been set up to send out a specific KB article as a reply to any ticket containing the words password reset.
    4. Configure the rule as per your requirement
  • Step 4: Configure the knowledge base article to customize the password reset instructions

    Spiceworks also has a knowledge base article that contains the instructions your users will need in order to use the self-service features. This is the article they’ll receive by default as per the ticket rule you’ve configured above.

    You can customize this article to include any additional information you would like to give the users. To do so:

    1. Go to Help Desk > Knowledge Base > My Team's
    2. Select and edit the article as per your requirement.