Organization Details 

    Organization Details lets you configure the details of your organization such as, geographic region in which your organization is located, the list of branches, working hours, holiday list, and departments. If you have multiple branches across the globe, this information is essential in setting the due date of the requests.

    Apart from this, you can set the Incoming and Outgoing E-mail Settings, define Rules to Automate the tickets and define Service Level Agreements to set the due date for the requests.

    You can also set certain rules to alert technicians after the completion of a task using Notification Rules. You can set notification rules for the Requests, Problems, Changes and Solutions module. 

    Organization Details Configurations

    The following are the Organization Details configurations,

    • Organization Details
      Set the details about your organization such as the Name, Logo, Address and Contact Information. This information is displayed in the Purchase Order form.

    • Mail Server Settings
      Set the Incoming and Outgoing E-mail Sever Settings, configure Spam Filter and option to parse your e-mail tickets using E-mail Command.

    • Regions
      Configure the various geographic locations of your organization.

    • Sites
      Configure the various branches in each region.

    • Operational hours
      Set the working hours of the organization. This is essential in calculating the due date for the request.

    • Holidays
      Set the holidays during which your firm would remain closed. The holiday list is exclusive of the weekly holidays.

    • Departments
      Configure the various departments in your organization. The department is essential while adding requesters and technicians since each requester or technician will be associated to a particular department of the organization.

    • Business Rules
      Define rules to automate the incoming request (via web form and e-mail) and perform actions such as delivering them to groups, assigning status and other request parameters.

    • Service Level Agreements
      Define rules based on requester, department or priority, to set the due date for the incoming incident requests.  

    • Notification Rules
      Set rules to alert technicians after the completion of a task.

    • Preventive Maintenance Tasks
      Schedule periodic tasks, such as changing the printer toner or performing a service shutdown, for regular maintenance.




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