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    Enterprises today seek for an approach to enhance and streamline the communication between IT and the end-users. While the IT department has services and the users have needs, the manner in which the services must be exposed to the users is a crucial task. This is where Service Catalog in ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus - MSP plays a vital role in your organization.

    Service Catalog is where you can portray the wide range of services offered by your IT department to the end-users. Some of the most common day-to-day IT services required by the users are, installation, relocation, internet access, email access, virus protection, provision of hardware and software, mail server, account management and so on. With the simplicity and clarity through which the services are exposed in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP allows users to easily browse through the services, raise requests instantly and monitor their status thereon.


    To access the service catalog configuration wizard page,

    1. Click the Admin tab in the header pane to open the configuration wizard page.

    2. Click Service Catalog under Service Catalog block. The Service Catalog page opens listing the service categories available in the application. Since most of the services differ for each account, you can create a separate catalog view for all your accounts.

    From this page, you can add a new service category, manage the service items and also add services under each category. The number of services available is specified under each service category.


    Getting Started

    To start configuring your personalized Service Catalog, you need to first define Service Categories. Service Categories holds a classified group of service items and can be configured from the Manage drop down. Apart from this, an instant means to the add service category is by clicking the Add Service Category button. The configured Service Categories are displayed in the list view with an icon to depict its uniqueness, and can be viewed by all the accounts.

    From the Manage drop down, you can also configure the Additional Fields and Service Level Agreement for the service requests. If the default parameters in the template do not contain key information that is relevant to your organization, then the same can be configured from the Additional Fields. Using Service Level Agreements, your help desk team effectiveness and efficiency can be determined.  

    NOTE: The Service Categories and Additional Fields would be displayed to all the accounts configured in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP. Deleting a service category or an additional field will remove the service category or additional field for all the accounts.


    Service Requests for a service category is configured using the Add Service button beside the category. The list of services under a service category can be viewed using the drop down icon servicecat-showplus beside them, and on hovering over the services, the delete, edit and disable icons appear. Using these icons, the preferred operations can be performed.


    Representation of icons in Service Catalog list view screen,

    closeicon - icon to delete a service item.

    editicon - icon to edit a service item.

    servicecat-disable -  icon to disable a service item.

    servicecat-disableout - icon to enable a service item.


    The configured service items are listed under the Service Catalog drop-down menu. With Service Catalog, services are easily accessed, facilitating users to browse for services, submit requests for IT services and monitor their status. Click Service Catalog drop-down menu to view the Template Categories and the Template List.


    Reordering templates: 

    You can now easily reorder the templates under each category or the categories themselves by using the Reorder option at the top.
    Drag and drop the items where you want them to be. The below image shows how it's done.


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