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  • How do I apply the license if ServiceDesk Plus service is down due to license expiry ?

    If you have purchase the license via a PO, the license will be applied automatically from the back end after we receive the PO.

  • What takes up a license in ServiceDesk Plus?

    Licensing in is based on the number of nodes and the number of technician logins.

    Active IT assets such as workstations, printers, and servers are considered nodes and take up a license.

    You can add any number of ServiceDesk Plus but the login permissions are based on the licenses purchased. Non-login technicians will not be provided with login permissions but you can configure to send SLA violation emails, group notifications and scheduled reports to these technicians.

    A typical case where Non-Login technicians can be used is for your Field Technicians, who need not log into the application but be notified about the issues assigned to them. When a request is assigned to these technicians, a notification is sent via email from ServiceDesk Plus. On completion of their job and replying to the notification email, ServiceDesk Plus will append the reply as a conversation in the original request automatically.

  • I would like to delete the default administrator account as it takes up a license? How do I go about it?

    Go to the ESM portal and change the technician to a requester under Setup -> Users & Permissions -> Users -> Technicians.

  • I have recently purchase 110 Dell Optiplex workstations and I would like to add the monitors of these workstations as additional assets and then add them to each workstation. However, I have a license that supports only 250 assets. What can I do in this situation? Can I add the monitors to the workstation as Asset Component?

    Yes, add the monitors as asset components under Setup -> Customization -> Asset Management -> Product Type. Add a product type called Monitor and select the Type as component.

    You will find the Product Type 'monitor' under Assets -> Resources -> Asset components.

  • What are the languages offered in ServiceDesk Plus?
  • I'm using the latest version of ServiceDesk Plus and I'm unable to find the select languages option in Personalize link. Do I require a separate license to avail this feature ?

    Only customers holding a Multi-Language license will have the option to select language in the Personalize link. To acquire this license, please send an email to

  • While performing a Domain scan, I receive 'License maxed out' error message. How do I know how many IT assets are already there in the system ?

    On the home page go to Dashboard -> Asset Daskboard, you'll find the total number of IT assets added in ServiceDesk Plus.

  • Technician A creates a report and schedules it in a periodic basis. Will Technician B be able to view the reports scheduled by Technician A?

    No, technicians cannot view each other's scheduled reports.

  • While creating a new announcement, a technician chooses future date to display the announcement, then what will happen to the announcement ?

    The Announcement will be listed under All Announcements until the scheduled date when it will be listed on the home page.

  • If SDP onDemand is signed as the Enterprise Edition, will i be able to switch back to Professional Edition? What will happen to the data stored in the Database?

    Yes, it is possible to downgrade your edition. When you move from the Enterprise edition to the Professional edition, Service Catalog and Problem and Change modules will be removed. However, any data in these modules will be saved in the database.

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