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  • Why On-Demand?

    Organizations of all sizes are facing the challenge of doing more with less and are realizing the advantage of the on-demand model for business applications. With no software or hardware to buy, install, maintain, or upgrade, on-demand is becoming popular as it relieves IT teams from the burden of maintaining and managing hardware/software. This allows them to concentrate developing and adopting relevant technologies to improve business productivity and profits.

  • How do I get started?

    Getting started with ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand is a simple process that takes only a few minutes of your time. Being on-demand, you don't have to install any software, all you have to do is sign up and you get instant access to the service.

  • Is my data secure?

    Data security is a primary concern of our customers and we are often faced with this question. We, on our part, have spent a lot of time and money in implementing the best security standards and practices to ensure that your data is secure. We offer security on multiple levels including the physical, software and people/process levels.

    Physical: ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand's servers and infrastructure are located in the most secure types of data centers that have multiple levels of restrictions for access including: on-premise security guards, security cameras, biometric limited access systems, and no signage to indicate where the buildings are, bullet proof glass, earthquake ratings, etc.

    Hardware: ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand employs state of the art firewall protection on multiple levels eliminating the possibility of intrusion from outside attacks

    Logical/software protection: Zoho deploys anti-virus software and scans all access 24 x7 for suspicious traffic and viruses or even inside attacks. All of this is managed and logged for auditing purposes.

    Process: Very few staff have access to either the physical or logical levels of our infrastructure. Your data is therefore secure from inside access; further regular vulnerability testing is performed and security is constantly enhanced at all levels. All data is backed up on multiple servers in multiple locations on a daily basis. This means that in the worst case, if one data center was compromised, your data could be restored from other locations with minimal disruption.

  • Once I sign up, is my personal or company information secure?

    Yes. Our privacy policy states, "We assure you that the contents of your account will not be disclosed to anyone and will not be accessible to employees of Zoho. Neither do we process the contents of your account for serving targeted advertisements." In addition, when you pay by credit card for ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand, your credit card information is not stored by us, but is securely passed to the credit card companies and in use for that single transaction. Users can also access their personal information to make changes and remove themselves from the system.

  • Can anyone view recorded data besides me?

    No. Our server keeps all your data safe and secure and nobody else can access your recorded data without your password that you provide during sign up.

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Let's support faster, easier, and together