In the final episode, we'll dive into the brand-new capabilities and enhancements featured in the last six months in ServiceDesk Plus Cloud. Explore how timers in requests and changes, sandbox, announcement banners, and other advancements can optimize IT service delivery in your organization.

Here are a few key takeaways from this episode:

Frequently Asked Questions

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Banners can be displayed only within the instance and cannot be displayed in the ESM Portal.

No, this is not possible.

The Sandbox is available in the Enterprise edition of ServiceDesk Plus.

Yes, you can test the mail server settings in the Sandbox.

The Sync configuration limits feature enables configuration limit sync between the production environment and the Sandbox. For example, if the production environment has increased the amount of categories, you can use the sync configuration limits feature to sync the change in categories available in the Sandbox.

The user who needs to be set as an approver will need to have self-service login permission enabled in their profile. If any approval mail is sent to the user, the approval link will redirect the user to the application to grant the approval. However, this can be done using actionable messages in Outlook, where the users can grant approval from Outlook, but self-service permission is required. You can learn more about Outlook integration here.

Mail server settings can be accessed from the All Configurations menu in the Setup tab.

Currently, the workflow is only for the Change and Release module and not for the Request module. However, for the Request module, there are request life cycles. You can learn more about request life cycles here.

By default, the Sandbox will be open in a new tab. You can go back to your production environment by clicking over to the previous tab. You can also click the nine-dot icon in the top-left corner and select your main instance.

You can add an image within the description of the announcement in the application and in the templates for sending email notifications to users.

Templates are not available for announcements, however you can send an email notification of the announcements to users using a template under Notification Rules. Go to Setup > Automation > Notification Rules > Other Notifications.

For further information, you can write to and we'll be glad to help you.

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