Enterprise service management ESM

ServiceDesk Plus the game-changing IT service desk tool now supports enterprise service management for businesses. Create and instantly deploy multiple service desk instances for all your supporting business functions, like HR and finance, from a central portal.

standardized service management for different departments






Enterprise service desk

enterprise service management with servicedesk plus

centralized request portal

Access individual service desk instances easily through a centralized request portal.

Centralized request portal for enterprise
ESM portal in ServiceDesk Plus

single enterprise directory

Manage all your service desk instances and users including which users have access to which instances from the ESM portal.

unique service desk instances

Create and deploy customized service desk instances for all your supporting business units like HR, finance, and facilities.

Service desk for multiple departments
Enterprise service automation

service automation

Implement ITSM-inspired workflows and automations across all your business service areas.

built-in catalog and templates

Drag and drop fields to create custom templates unique to each business unit.

Enterprise service management templates
  • Having separate service desk instances for IT, facilities and records allows us to track the issues separately while giving us access to the other departments' resources. With the new version of ServiceDesk Plus, we feel like the firm support and administration departments are working together to provide assistance to firm . I love that it's customizable, easy to use and available at a great price.

    Beverley Seche,
    Network Administrator at Stark & Stark, Attorneys at Law.

  • It's nice being able to share the success Service Desk Plus' cloud version has brought our IT department with the rest of our organization. We already have the expertise in administering the platform through building it up for our IT, so it's a simple matter of using that existing knowledge to extend the resources elsewhere. Currently, HR, Facilities, Maintenance, and every other business unit continue to rely on shared email and spreadsheets; it's reassuring knowing there is a pathway of adoption available to us that is clear.

    Kenneth Klose,
    IT customer success manager, Construction Specialties

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