In this session, we'll explore how to revitalize major ITSM practices-like incidents, services, problems, changes, releases, assets, and more-with simple no-code and low-code automations. Learn how to streamline various service desk operations with efficient automation on the GUI. Furthermore, we'll demonstrate ways to loop in experts, customize timely actions, keep stakeholders in the know, and conclude ITSM practices effectively.

In this episode, we'll get hands-on with the following:

Frequently Asked Questions

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No, service desk agents cannot perform this operation. Only SDAdmins are authorized to set backup technicians.

This feature is under development. You can track its development using this feature ID: 25895.

Yes, requests can be assigned to technicians automatically. With the Technician Auto Assign feature, you can allocate requests using the round robin and load balancing algorithm. You can also loop in technicians using Business Rules, life cycles, or by assigning a technician to categories and templates.

Alternatively, you can also assign requests manually to technicians by simply updating the Technician field.

Business Rules and Custom Triggers are condition-based actions. Business Rules are site-specific rules for incidents and services. They validate incoming data with respect to business operations before storing it in the database. You can execute actions like updating fields and implementing custom functions and custom scripts via Business Rules. Furthermore, you can also abort the execution of processes based on your needs.

Custom Triggers are available for various ITSM practices like requests, changes, projects and tasks. They validate data stored in the database and trigger specific actions. Using this feature, the SDAdmin can automate actions like sending notifications, invoking custom functions, or making webhook calls to third-party applications.

Yes, you can implement this with Field and Form Rules. When conditions are satisfied, you can set or unset tasks automatically when a request is submitted or edited. For example, you can trigger tasks based on the subject of the request.

Yes, emails can be sent to stakeholders when the conditions of Custom Triggers match those of the preventive maintenance tasks.

No, currently Business Rules are available only for incident and service requests.

Yes, within the latest builds of ServiceDesk Plus (version 14000 and above), you can set Custom Triggers for problems as well. Visit our admin guide to learn how.

Yes, you can configure backup technicians even if Technician Auto Assign is not enabled.

You can explore the capabilities of Zia, our AI assistant, here.

This feature is on the product roadmap and will be available soon.

For further information, you can write to and we'll be glad to help you.

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