In the final episode, we'll dive into the brand-new capabilities and enhancements featured in the last six months in ServiceDesk Plus. Explore how request timer actions, bundling custom actions, seeking clarification for approvals, custom triggers and custom functions for problems, and other advancements can optimize IT service delivery in your organization.

Here are a few key takeaways from this episode:

Frequently Asked Questions

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Please check under Admin > Automation > Request timer actions. This has been introduced from version 14000.

Please look for the option Add stage under the Approvals tab in the request.

No, it refers to the Preventive Maintenance Tasks that was configured previously under the Admin tab.

Yes, the timer can be used to send reminders to the requester to reply to a ticket. Multiple reminders can also be configured.

They can interact via email by sending a response to an approval notification to either approve or reject the request.

We have an integration with SolarWinds, but as of now, we sync only the workstation information. We also have integration with JIRA. For Opsgenie, our APIs are exposed and we can do a custom-level integration.

The CMDB relationship has to be manually added or imported. As of now, we cannot sync the service availability information from third-party software to ServiceDesk Plus.

The UEM integration requires an additional license.

From the My approvals widget, click Show all to view previous approvals.

Currently we have a calendar to see the changes.

Yes, you can do this under Admin > Automation > Notification Rules.

Yes, you can achieve this by using custom scripts.

Yes, approvals can be set based on certain criteria.

The technician can request approval using the Submit for approval button.

This is not currently possible.

Under Home tab, click Customize to add a widget.

For further information, you can write to and we'll be glad to help you.

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