Customer Relationship Management

SupportCenter Plus helps you track, utilize and share customer specific information to improve your customer service. You can provide better communication, offers and services to customers by evaluating your previous interactions with them. You can use customer surveys to understand their experience with your products and service. In this sense, SupportCenter Plus is a great Customer Relationship Management software you can depend on for an efficient customer handling process.

Account & Contact Management

Detailed customer information can be stored & managed. To enable you to kick-start using SupportCenter, two easy ways to import existing customer information is provided - Importing from CSV & Importing from Outlook. SupportCenter also provides a CSV-based option to keep it's database in synch with your with your company's customer database. This helps you to use SupportCenter without actually having to migrate your customer information from your company's customer database.

Customer Interaction Management

SupportCenter provides an intuitive & easy-to-use interface to manage the interactions with your customers. The auto Email-To-Ticket feature helps your customers log calls through an email. The predefined Business Rules help to automatically assign important fields to the ticket based on defined criteria. Multiple interactions back-and-forth from the customer to the helpdesk & from the helpdesk to the customer are captured as a single ticket. This makes it easy for tracking the entire ticket history in one screen. Also, the ability to create tickets using the web interface is available.

Customer Experience Management

SupportCenter comes with a survey module that allows administrators to configure the system to send out survey questionaires to customers to get information about their experience with the helpdesk interaction. The survey feedback helps higher level Supervisors/Managers to quickly understand the quality of service provided and evaluate the strengths & weaknesses of the helpdesk.

Customer Self Service Portal

SupportCenter provides tools to manage & configure the Customer Self Service portal which includes the logo, look & feel, the knowledge base articles the customer can view, the links the customers can use to access useful information. In addition, the customers can also raise tickets, check their ticket status & search the knowledge.

Customer Billing (Time Entry)

The time entry is tightly coupled with the Contracts module. Hours/Incidents are deducted from the Purchased hours/incidents and periodic reports provides a billing for each customer.

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