E-Mail Response Management

E-mail has become the primary communication channel between the customer and the company. The amounts of e-mails handled by most of the companies are huge. The customers expect the email communication to be fast, accurate and it has to solve their problems in the first response.

Traditional legacy email response management systems will not be handle the huge email traffic of the current business scenario. What you need is a powerful tool to handle the huge traffic with easy usability features.

SupportCenter plus offers the best email response management system in the industry at an extremely low cost. Supportcenter Plus automates the process of creating, organizing, tracking requests in to a seamless process. It automates the customer case tracking in the most efficient way.


  • Automated Customer Case-Tracking.
  • Incoming requests are automatically converted to requests.
  • The Business rules will also help to organize the incoming email requests in to categories, groups and even assign necessary actions to the requests.

Help Desk Software - E-Mail Management

  • The email requests can be tracked, merged and the support staff can even add necessary notes in order to serve the customer faster and better.
  • With the system integrated to the solutions Knowledge base, it reduces the request response and resolution times.
  • Each request can be automatically managed and serviced based on the Service Level Agreements and Contracts.
  • Spam Filters can be configured to filter unwanted spam mails coming in to the support mail system.

Help Desk Software - E-mail management


  • Automation will reduce the time and cost taken by the Support Staff considerably.
  • Reduction in response and resolution times enriches the customer experience with the Support.
  • Increases the productivity of the Support Staff.
  • SupportCenter Plus can handle huge traffic of emails with ease which is not possible with traditional legacy systems.

Help Desk Software - E-Mail Management