Provide a personalized business experience using custom modules New Feature

Custom modules can now be created to showcase specific groups of records and offer personalized admin configurations to meet unique business requirements. These modules can be designed for diverse use cases.

To create custom modules, go to Admin > Developer Space > Custom Modules.

Enhancements to approvals Enhancement

  • The user interface of the My Approvals widget has been updated to enhance the user experience.
  • Unique module icons are now used to differentiate approvals.
  • The Take Action option in the slider panel can also be used to respond to approvals.

Enhancements to dashboards Enhancement

  • Using the Embed Widget icon, it is now possible to connect widgets from ServiceDesk Plus MSP dashboard to external applications.
  • Embed dashboards in external applications by going to Dashboard Options > Share Dashboard option.
  • The Helpdesk dashboard now features a Drill Down Analysis report widget.


Zia, Zoho's AI assistant, is now available in SupportCenter Plus New Feature

Use Zoho's enterprise-level AI to reopen requests that need to be processed, suggest appropriate categories, request templates, and more. Use Zia to perform approval actions based on the users' responses to the approval email.

  • Leverage the conversational AI assistant to improve
    customer support interactions New Feature

    SupportCenter Plus also includes Zia Bot, Zoho's virtual conversational support agent. You can perform 20 different help desk tasks with Zia Bot. Both agents and requesters can make requests, view solutions, and make announcements, but only agents and administrators can pick up requests and assign tasks.

Handle your customer support operations effectively
with Resource Management New Feature

Get a bird's-eye view to all your support rep operations and easily manage their availability.

Get a visual summary of your tickets and boost efficiency with Kanban View New Feature

View requests in billboard format and manage tickets easily with the all new Kanban View in SupportCenter Plus.

Set global formats for the date, time, and time zone New Feature

Enable a uniform format for dates, times, and time zones for all users across the application by overriding personalized settings.

Handle requests more efficiently with exciting new enhancements Enhancement

  • Execute Field and Form Rules actions at the section level of the request
  • Request Print & Approval Preview customization
    • Under self-service portal settings, configure sections that must be selected by default in the Request Print preview and Approval preview.
  • Admins can now allow users to cancel their unnecessary requests.
  • You can now trigger SMS notifications using Custom Triggers.
  • Details page layout customization
    • The right panel in the request details page can be hidden if needed.
    • Support representatives can customize their own layout of the request details page.
  • Checklists for closing requests
    • Mandate the verification of checklists for closing requests.

Handle all maintenance-related requests easily with the all new Maintenance module Enhancement

  • Create, view, and manage maintenance related requests in your organization from the new Maintenance module.
  • View upcoming maintenance schedules and plan ahead.
  • Track maintenance using the History tab.
  • Suspend or resume maintenance when required.
  • Use the table and classic views to search and sort quicker.
  • Use the details page to view complete information of maintenance.

Gain better insights with enhancements to reports Enhancement

  • Reorder all reports under a folder and personalize reordering by user.
  • Search reports and report folders from the global reports search.
  • Perform drill-down analysis on requests from the reports module.
  • Matrix reports now support the percentage values in the summary type.
  • SupportCenter Plus integrates with Zoho Charts, a charting library to create new chart types while generating reports.

Introducing Deluge, our in-house high-level scripting language Enhancement

Deluge is now bundled with SupportCenter Plus. Deluge is simple to use and allows non-programmers to code with little training. Using Deluge scripting, you can create Custom Functions that can manipulate data within SupportCenter Plus and external applications. Custom Functions in the Business Rule, Trigger, and Request Life Cycle features can be used to automate workflows, customize business processes, and integrate SupportCenter Plus with external applications.

Other enhancements Enhancement

  • Keep users notified about the events in the application.
  • Show dynamic notifications as desktop notifications.
  • Two-factor authentication
    • Mandate users to use an additional authentication mode such as Google Authenticator or email-based OTP along with their regular passwords to log in to the application.
  • Telephony integration enhancements
    • Automated request from missed calls
      Create requests automatically when a support representative misses a call. This option is available under the Settings tab on the Telephony server settings page.
    • Telephony logs
      Telephony integration allows you to access the details of all incoming and outgoing telephone calls.

Make faster, well-informed IT decisions by integrating with
ManageEngine Analytics Plus Cloud Integrations

Analytics Plus Cloud now integrates with SupportCenter Plus to offer cloud-based reporting and business intelligence services, replacing Zoho Analytics. Integrate with ManageEngine Analytics Plus Cloud to analyze business data and create insightful reports and dashboards.

Collaborate easily and resolve requests quickly with
the new Microsoft Teams integration Integrations

Integrate SupportCenter Plus with Microsoft Teams to leverage the collaboration app as an additional channel for IT and enterprise support. This integration allows users to view customer support desk requests and pending approvals, and chat with support reps, all from their Microsoft Teams accounts.

Take advantage of the all new Outlook Add-In Integrations

Allow users to raise requests and track their progress in SupportCenter Plus directly from the Outlook mailbox. Allow support representatives to edit, pick up, or assign requests via Outlook.

You can read the entire list of improvements rolled out in the latest release here.

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