Trouble Ticketing Software

SupportCenter Plus has an inbuilt trouble ticketing / helpdesk module that helps you track customer requests. It helps you respond to customer requests right from the helpdesk interface without having to rely on your email client.

The Trouble ticketing software:

  • Lets your customers to create tickets
  • Lets you track trouble tickets volume, support representatives load, SLAs
  • Comes with knowledge base (called as solutions)
  • Full-fledged support request management with scheduling

Create tickets

Trouble ticketing system

Trouble Ticketing

Your customers can create tickets in any of the following ways

  • Send an email to which SupportCenter Plus can pick up and convert into a trouble ticket automatically
  • Login to the SupportCenter Plus customer self service portal and create a ticket online
  • Call your customer helpdesk so that your support representative can create a trouble ticket for the call manually through the web form

Canned Response

Trouble ticket systems
  • Create predefined custom responses for trouble tickets and reduce the response times on frequently reported trouble tickets
  • Manage Canned Responses and share it with other Support Staff
  • Reduces the support costs considerably due to the reduction in response and resolution times
  • Different Variables and fields can be added in order to personalize the customer resolution responses.

Helpdesk reports

Trouble ticket software

You can get all types of reports from the customer support helpdesk module

  • Trouble Tickets volume by month/ account/ support rep
  • Time taken for response
  • Trend reports on trouble tickets

Knowledge base

Trouble ticketing

The inbuilt account based knowledgebase helps you pass on knowledge from senior support representatives to juniors easily

  • Every resolution sent through the Support helpdesk can be moved to knowledge base for future reference
  • Juniors can search in the knowledgebase prior to replying a trouble ticket to check if the answer is already available
  • Entries on the knowledge base can be categorized into different groups and sub groups
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