How to connect to remote desktop?

Remote desktop connection is a much-needed feature given the growing BYOD and work-from-home trends. Nearly half of employees now prefer working remotely over commuting to work. How can administrators troubleshoot their problems?
That is where remote desktop connection software comes in to save the day. Even if an admin is physically away from a device, this feature allows them to access it remotely and troubleshoot problems swiftly.

Remote Desktop Connection

Key features of a remote desktop connection software

Remote desktop connection software is used for more than just enabling remote control over a device. Such software is also bundled with various troubleshooting features, some of which are listed below:

Access devices remotely

The main function of remote desktop connection software is to let you remotely connect to a device as though it is physically present in front of you, even when you are far away from it. You can transfer files, use troubleshooting tools, and seamlessly sort out any problems.

Employ handy diagnostic tools

To troubleshoot problems, there are certain tools an administrator frequently requires. Some of them include Command Prompt, Event Viewer, Task Manager, and Windows Registry. With the help of remote desktop connection software, you can quickly access these tools from a single dashboard and troubleshoot problems as fast as possible.

Wake up devices

Walking up to a device and switching it on is not always feasible. To sort out this issue, you need a feature called wake on LAN. This will let you boot your local devices remotely when they are powered off. It is even possible to wake multiple computers in one go. Troubleshooting is made more efficient and less time-consuming with this feature of remote desktop connection software.

Record remote sessions

Nowadays, most IT problems are troubleshot remotely. It is absolutely necessary to supervise these sessions, especially for auditing purposes. It is best to record and store all remote sessions using remote desktop connection software. These recordings can also be used to educate technicians on how to handle complex issues.

Communicate seamlessly

When a problem is communicated and understood on both ends, half the problem is solved. To achieve this, admins can use features like audio calls, video calls, and text messages. Using remote desktop connection software that has these features, administrators and end users can quickly discuss issues and troubleshoot them without any communication hindrances.

Capture multiple monitors

It is very common for end users in an organization to have more than one active monitor. With remote desktop connection software, when initiating remote sessions, all the active monitors are identified and connected. Administrators can view multiple monitors and troubleshoot from a single console.

How to connect to a remote desktop

Cross-platform support

Remote Access Plus supports Windows, Linux and Mac devices. The right question to ask now is "Will I be able to remotely troubleshoot a Mac device from Windows? Absolutely yes! Let's not stop there. Troubleshoot end user device on the go with mobile app instantly.

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How to connect to remote desktop?

Follow these three simple steps to remotely connect to your desktop instantly.

Step 1: Set up viewer environment

  1. Download and install Remote Access Plus.
  2. In case of cloud edition sign up to access the web console.
  3. Once the installation or sign up is completed you can use your unique URL and access the web console from any machine.

Step 2: Set up remote desktop

  1. To access the remote desktop you need to install a light weight agent in it.
  2. Open the console and navigate to Admin->Scope of Management->Computer.
  3. Click on Download Agent button and download the executable based on the remote computer's OS.
  4. Now install the agent in remote computer you wish to access.
  5. Note: Want to install agent in multiple computers at one shot? You can make it possible with exclusive agent installation methods like GPO, AD, SCCM and much more

Learn more about how to set up remote desktop!

Step 3: Initiate remote connection

Once the viewer and remote computer are set up, you can instantly initiate remote connection.

  1. Open the web console from any desktop.
  2. In Home tab search for the remote computer by the computers name, IP address or the user name.
  3. Hover over the computer and click on Connect button.
  4. How to use remote desktop connection
  5. Remote session will be initiated instantly.
  6. Connect with remote desktop connection

FAQs about remote desktop connection

1. What is a Remote Desktop Connection?

Assume you are away from work and you need to troubleshoot a problem with a device in your organization. All you have to do is remotely access the device and figure out the problem. The process of establishing a connection between two devices that are physically separated is known as remote desktop connection.

2. What does remote desktop connection software do?

Remote desktop connection software will let you get instant access to computers and laptops that are physically not in front of you. Mostly IT admins in any IT organization, financial, healthcare, or educational sectors will highly benefit from these types of software while troubleshooting endpoints in their ecosystem.

3. Why is Remote Desktop Connection important?

The major key points are work from anywhere, reduce expenses and troubleshoot computers seamlessly. Let it be a small scale business or a multi corporate organization, all you need is a best remote desktop connection to manage, access and troubleshoot computers from anywhere.

4. Is remote desktop connection safe?

Remote desktop connection established through Remote Access Plus is highly secure since it is coupled with advanced encryption algorithms and authentications. Learn how!

5. Is remote desktop connections software free?

Admins can manage up to 10 endpoints at free of cost with Remote Access Plus. The software also provides an exclusive 30 day free trial to explore the features with unlimited endpoints.

6. Can I connect to my desktop from my mobile?

You can connect to Windows, Mac and Linux devices on the go from your android and iOS devices with Remote Access Plus. Try now

7. How does Remote Desktop Connection work?

A simple remote desktop connection involves two characters, a end user and a viewer. The screen of the end user will be captured as screenshots and shared to the viewer. On the other hand the viewers keyboard and mouse inputs will be reflected on the end users computer.

8. How to use remote desktop connection?

  • Access remote computer from anywhere.
  • Provide IT assistance to customers around the world.
  • Resolve issues on employees endpoints right from your device.
  • Stay connected to your device on the movie by leveraging remote access from mobile phones.

9. Benefits of Remote Desktop Connection

A few major benefits of remote desktop connection are:

  • Rescuing work-from-home users when they face problems.
  • Helping businesses save money by reducing admins' commute expenses.
  • Secure file transfer from anywhere.
  • Reduced troubleshooting times and increased productivity.
  • Cross platform support.

10. How to choose the best remote desktop connection software?

Some of the most important aspects to look at before you choose your remote desktop connection software are:

  • Look out for the troubleshooting features available. Example: Remote command prompt, file transfer etc.
  • Ensure the pricing is reasonable.
  • Seamless cross-platform support.
  • Ability to remotely access computer with any OS.

Remote Access Plus is remote desktop connection software that lets you access your devices remotely in just a few clicks. Try out the free 30-day trial and make your decision!