1. What are the System requirements of Patch Connect Plus?

    Patch connect plus can be installed only on a 64-bit machine. To know more about the system requirements in detail click here.

  2. How is Patch Connect Plus Licensed?

    Patch Connect Plus is licensed based on the number of computers you are managing in SCCM. The pricing starts at $6 per computer and goes down as the volume increases. For more details on the pricing, refer to our online store.

  3. Do I require any database for running Patch Connect Plus?

    Pach Connect Plus comes with an in-built Postgres SQL database. You do not require to have any database separately.

  4. When will patches get published/synchronized?

    Patch Publish/Sync will happen based on the scheduled time. After every successful sync, only the new or revised patches will be published.

  5. How to publish patches of languages suitable for my environment?

    You have the option to choose for languages while selecting the patches to publish. This will publish patches of the chosen language

  6. What happens during the synchronization process?

    During the synchronization process data is fetched from the Central Repository and stored in the patch database.

  7. Why should mail server settings be configured?

    You may have to configure mail server settings to get reports of newly supported applications, published updates and sync status via mail.

  8. Why should proxy be configured?

    Proxy has to be configured to download the updated information from the Central Repository and to download the patches from the vendor sites. You need not configure proxy if you have direct connection to internet.

  9. What is the need of importing certificates?

    The certificate has to be imported to trust the third party patches published to SCCM

  10. Why should the certificates be imported to all client machines?

    This should be done so that the SCCM agent across all client machine will trust the third party updates to proceed with download and installation.

  11. What type of Certificates can be used for signing purpose?

    .cer, .pfx, .dec certificate types can be used.

  12. Does Patch Connect Plus support publish of iTunes patches?

    Yes, Patch Connect Plus supports publish of iTunes patches.

  13. When does patch download happen?

    Patch download happens during the publication of patches.

  14. Is there any options for rollback of a patch?

    No, it is not possible in Patch Connect Plus.

  15. Does the patch files get transferred into the WSUS updates location when they are published?

    Yes, once the patch is download to the WsusContent location, SCCM/WSUS will distribute it to the WSUS server and then to the other sites if configured to do so.