Complying with Microsoft's way of classifying software updates

How Patch Connect Plus had classified its software updates before

Patch Connnect Plus had listed all the third-party updates, irrespective of its vendors, under 'Updates'. This includes all security and non-security updates. Having a single classification for software updates came with its fair share of ups and downs. The good thing about the single-classification system was that all installed applications were up-to-date with both security and non-security updates. The flip side though, was having to deal with a foray of updates for every application.

How Microsoft classifies software updates

Microsoft's way of classifying updates has been always about the severity of the updates. The various terminologies in Microsoft's classification are,

  1. Critical Updates
  2. Definition Updates
  3. Feature Packs
  4. Security Updates
  5. Service Packs
  6. Tools
  7. Update Rollups
  8. Updates
  9. Upgrades

Streamlining software updates' classification in Patch Connect Plus

To clear the confusion on update nomenclature and to provide users complete control over the updates, Patch Connect Plus' update classification will be made in-line with Microsoft's. Users will have to look out for just three updates.

  1. Critical Updates

    These are the fixes for a specific problem that addresses a critical, non-security-related bug.

  2. Security Updates

    These are product-specific security related updates classified based on severity. The severity rating can be critical, important, moderate, or low as suggested by Microsoft.

  3. Updates

    These are updates targeted to fix a specific flaw or bug. This can be a non-critical non-security bug.