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How to granularly delegate SharePoint activities to non-administrative users

SharePoint Manager Plus offers non-invasive delegation where you can granularly delegate activities to non-administrative users. By assigning a role to a technician, they can perform only the activities associated with that particular role.

SharePoint Manager Plus comes built-in with two help desk roles.

  • Super Admin: Has access to all actions in the product.
  • Operator: Has access to view the reports and audits tabs only.

Creating a custom help desk role

You can create your own customized role to allow technicians to access only particular reports and management operations of your choice. Follow the steps below to create a custom role.

  1. Navigate to the Delegation tab → Help Desk Delegation → Help Desk Roles.
  2. Click the Create New Role button located at the top-right corner.
  3. Enter the Role Name and Description.
  4. From the list of tasks listed under Reports, Audits, Management, Monitoring, Migration, Backup, and Others, select the tasks that you wish to include in this role.
  5. You can select all the tasks in a tab using the check-box next to the tab's name.
  6. If you wish to limit the role to either online or on-premises environments, you can do so by selecting the respective check-boxes on the side bar.
  7. Click Create.

Assigning the role to a technician

After creating a new role, follow these steps below to assign it to a technician.

  1. Navigate to the Delegation tab → Help Desk Delegation → Help Desk Technicians.
  2. Click the Add New Technician button located at the top-right corner.
  3. Select the desired Domain.
  4. Enter the Technician Name, Login Name, and Password.
  5. In the Delegate Roles section, select the Farms and Tenants where you would like the technician to perform the delegated tasks.
  6. By default, all site collections are selected. Click icon-add if you wish to restrict the scope of the technician to specific site collections.
  7. Select the site collections or click the icon-search icon to search for specific site collections.
  8. Add the custom help desk role that you created from the Select Help Desk Roles drop-down.
  9. Click Save Settings.


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