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As more resources are added to an organization's network, the number of SSH keys associated with them significantly rises. Usually, the keys are subjected to siloed management that does not provide holistic visibility into their life cycles. It could potentially lead to IT admins losing track of the keys created, thus exposing the SSH environment to security vulnerabilities.

Key Manager Plus tracks the newly created keys and maintains the existing keys in one unified inventory. It automates the creation, association, and deployment operations. Based on the specified algorithm, it allows you to create new pairs of encrypted keys with strong passphrases, which can be associated with the required user accounts.

Enforce access control

Without centralized control, any user could create and duplicate keys, thus resulting in key sprawl. Key Manager Plus allows only authorized administrators to perform the one-time setup of highly sensitive key operations, such as creation and association, thereby providing an additional layer of restriction.

Set up an organization-wide policy

Without constant monitoring, numerous keys could be chaotically strewn around the network. To enable a fresh start, these keys need to be wiped down completely. With Key Manager Plus, you can either overwrite all the existing keys, thus generating new key associations altogether, or you can leave the current key associations undisturbed and just append the new keys.

Perform bulk operations easily

Manually performing key management operations on thousands of keys is a tedious process. Key Manager Plus allows you to create numerous groups of keys and quickly perform operations on them in bulk. With its group management capability, you can associate, create, and deploy multiple keys in a few quick steps.

Securely push keys to remote servers

When multiple remote servers require access to private keys, manually provisioning them to each server can be time-consuming and prone to risks. Key Manager Plus automates this process by directly pushing the private keys from the central repository to the remote servers and user accounts, thus preventing potential downtime.

Deploy ssh keys
Push key file to users