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Enterprises of all sizes prefer to follow an automated discovery process to track all the existing resources, leaving no keys unidentified lest they fall into the hands of malicious attackers. Key Manager Plus automatically discovers all the existing servers and keys across heterogeneous environments, providing you with an organized inventory of all the identified resources. The discovered and imported resources are instantly updated in the centralized repository.

Automatically discover all the active resources

Key Manager Plus provides you with the flexibility to automate the discovery of multiple resources from varied locations as well as import a list of resources in bulk. It supports on-demand, scheduled, and recurring discovery processes, presenting you with a detailed overview of each executed discovery.

Discover SSH keys
Discover SSH keys

Get inventory in sync with the latest additions

Upon discovery, resources need to be periodically synchronized in order for you to maintain an updated inventory. After discovery, Key Manager Plus automatically lists all the user accounts and keys residing in the discovered servers. This list can be updated on demand to include recently added user accounts and keys.

Access and manage data center resources

When data centers restrict direct access to a remote device via SSH, it could be connected through one or more landing servers. Once configured, Key Manager Plus automatically performs multiple hassle-free hops through the landing servers to reach the target device, eliminating the need to provide credentials for each hop.