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Microsoft 365 Reporting Tool

Foreseeing the future and anticipating the consequences of your current actions is never an easy job. It's necessary to keep a vigilant eye on user activities to ensure a hassle-free working environment. While most organizations move towards cloud deployments, Microsoft 365 becomes their most viable solution. When investing resources in deploying Microsoft 365, you must have access to enough information to keep yourself informed about how Microsoft 365 is being used in your organization, and how to ensure secure usage.

If you have been bestowed with the responsibility of ensuring the security of critical resources, you might have felt that the native Microsoft 365 reports did not meet your needs. That is why we at ManageEngine present you with M365 Manager Plus, a comprehensive Microsoft 365 reporting tool.

M365 Manager Plus, the Microsoft 365 reporting, auditing, and management component of AD360, our unified IAM solution, drills down into the data and presents granular level reports to provide deep insights on your Microsoft 365 setup. The reports are highly detailed, and provisioned with enough details to aid you in quick decision making. Try Demo.

M365 Manager Plus Reports

Microsoft 365 reports provided by M365 Manager Plus are grouped under the following categories:

Exchange Online Reports

With the help of M365 Manager Plus' Exchange Online reports, you can maintain a robust condition for your Exchange Online environment. Learn which inactive mailboxes are consuming licenses, in addition to information about mail traffic, top email senders and receivers, shared mailboxes, public folders, and more.

Reports provided by M365 Manager Plus help you to find answers to the following questions:

Which user has access to which mailbox, and how do I detect unusual mailbox accesses?

The User Mailbox Security reports and Shared Mailbox Security reports provide details on which mailbox or shared mailbox is accessable by which users. The Non-Owner Mailbox Access report provides details on mailboxes accessed by non-owners, enabling you to detect security breaches. This report gives details on who accessed which mailbox and when.

Who are the users that accessed Exchange via Outlook Web Access, and which device did they use to access it?

M365 Manager Plus provides the OWA Logon by Users report to help you find out which users have accessed Exchange Online via Outlook Web Access. You can also see which users have accessed Exchange via OWA based on the browsers and OS used with the OWA Logon by Browser and OWA Logon by OS reports. You can also detect the devices used to logon using the Mobile Devices report and the Mobile Devices by OS report.

Who are the top email senders and recipients in my organization, and how do I detect the recipients of malware and spam?

M365 Manager Plus provides the Top Sender report, Top Recipient report, Top Malware Recipients report, and Top Spam Recipients report, all of which collect data in a single click. With these reports, you can maintain the pristine status of your Exchange Online setup.

How do I track the mailbox usage of users?

With the Mailbox Size report, you can get details on the mailboxes available in your organization and their sizes. With the Mailbox Size Restrictions report, you can view the send and receive quota set for the respective mailboxes. The Mailbox Size vs Quota report lets you compare the maximum size and the quota allocated for the respective mailboxes.

Here's a list of other Microsoft 365 Exchange Online reports:

  • Inactive Exchange Users report
  • Never Logged on Exchange Users report
  • Mail Traffic reports
  • Exchange Online Mailbox Content report
  • Public Folders report
  • Shared Mailboxes report
  • Soft Deleted Mailboxes report
  • Mailbox Features report
  • Recently Created Mailboxes report
  • Exchange Disabled Users report
  • Messages by Subject report
  • Mailbox Retention Policy report
  • Mailbox On-Hold report
  • Litigation Hold Activity report
  • Mailbox Auditing report
  • Exchange Admin Activity report
  • Mail Traffic Summary report
  • Calendar Events report

Azure AD Reports

Gain visibility and knowledge on Azure AD users, distribution lists, security groups, and licenses with the help of Azure AD reports. You can also generate reports on password statuses of the users, which will help you find answers to the following questions:

Which users have expired passwords and which users have passwords that are about to expire?

With the Password Expired Users and Soon to Expire Passwords reports, you can find out which users need immediate attention to ensure a hassle free working environment. You can also retrieve the users whose passwords never expire, using the Never Expiring Passwords report.

Who has been assigned what Microsoft 365 license?

Efficient license management is a must, because more licenses means more costs for the business. With the License by Service report, you can find out which users have been assigned what Microsoft 365 licenses. By examining the user attributes, you can also decide whether you should assign a license to or remove a license from that particular user.

List of Other Reports

  • All Users
  • Distribution Group reports
  • Security Group reports
  • Users Without Managers report
  • All Managers report
  • Recently Created Users report
  • Recently Modified Users report
  • Recently Deleted Users report
  • Azure Locked Users report
  • Password changed Users report
  • Password Unchanged users report
  • Multi Factor Authentication Status report
  • User Logon Activity report
  • Recent Logon Failure report
  • Recent Successful Logon report

Skype for Business Reports

M365 Manager Plus provides exhaustive preconfigured reports to manage your Skype for Business setup effectively. You can get details on the active Skype for Business users, the features they have used, the conferences and peer to peer sessions they have organized and participated in, the devices they have used to access Skype for Business, and more. The reports are highly detailed, which makes it easy for you to detect the unwanted accesses and activities in Skype for Business.

How do I find active users based on the features they use?

The Skype for Business Active Users report can help you with this. The report provides the count of active users on a daily basis. It also has a breakdown of the active users, based on the features of Skype for Business they have used. With these details, you can understand the usage pattern of Skype for Business in your organization.

How do I monitor user activities in Skype for Business?

M365 Manager Plus provides a set of User Activities reports which help to retrieve in-depth data. Reports provided under this category include:

  • P2P Sessions by User report
  • Organized Conference by User report
  • Participated Conference by User report
  • PSTN Usage by User report
  • Skype Messages by User report
  • Skype File Transfer by User report
  • Skype Last Logon report
  • Skype Last Activity report

List of Other Reports

  • Client Devices report
  • Client Device per User report
  • Peer to Peer Sessions report
  • Conferences report
  • Conferences Time report
  • PSTN Usage report
  • PSTN Conference Time report
  • Skype Blocked Users report

OneDrive for Business Reports

OneDrive for Business holds your critical resources, making it necessary to keep tabs on the file and folder accesses within it. You can get the complete audit trail of user activities, with details on who performed what operation and when. This helps to maintain the integrity of files present in OneDrive for Business.

  • OneDrive Files Accessed report
  • OneDrive File Modifications report
  • OneDrive File Renaming report
  • OneDrive File Movement report
  • OneDrive File Operations report
  • OneDrive Uploads report
  • OneDrive Downloads report
  • OneDrive Deleted Files report
  • OneDrive Events Log report

Yammer reports

Yammer is an Microsoft 365 enterprise social networking platform that allows communication between users from both inside and outside the organization. Monitoring what's shared and communicated in this platform is mandatory in order to ensure data security. M365 Manager Plus helps you audit and monitor activities happening on this platform by providing reports on:

  • Daily Yammer User Activities
  • Daily Active Yammer Groups Count
  • Daily Yammer Groups Activities
  • Yammer User Count by Device Type
  • General Yammer Reports
  • Yammer Events Log
  • Yammer Created Group
  • Yammer Deleted Group
  • Yammer Deleted Message
  • Yammer Created File
  • Yammer Downloaded File
  • Yammer Shared File
  • Yammer Updated File Description
  • Yammer Renamed File
  • Yammer Viewed File

Microsoft Teams reporting 

Microsoft Teams is a hub for teamwork where people both within your organization and outside of it can actively connect and collaborate in real time. ManageEngine M365 Manager Plus helps you monitor, audit, and gain deep insights with detailed reports on:

  • Lists of all teams
  • Lists of all channels
  • Member details of each team
  • Members count in each team
  • Teams user count by device type
  • Teams user count by activity type
  • Teams activities count
  • Daily user activities
  • Device usage

SharePoint Online reporting

SharePoint Online is an indispensable Microsoft 365 collaboration platform that helps employees host business data effortlessly and collaborate on projects from various parts of the world. With the platform hosting crucial business data, it is vital to constantly keep tabs on the data stored in it. M365 Manager Plus helps monitor and gain insights into SharePoint Online with detailed reports on:

  • All Sites
  • Recently Created Sites
  • Recently Modified Sites
  • Site Statistics
  • Site with No Lists
  • Site with No Subsites
  • Site with No Document Library
  • Inactive Sites
  • Site-wise Members
  • Site-wise Groups
  • Site-wise Roles

Security and Compliance Reports

It is inevitable that you will have to comply with various industrial mandates to meet your IT compliance requirements. Reports provided by M365 Manager Plus help you make sure that you are adhering to such requirements.

The reports help you to comply with the following industrial mandates:

M365 Manager Plus has a dedicated section for compliance reports. It lists the set of reports that help you check the compliance requirements under the respective mandates, to ease your efforts in compliance management.

Security reports give you a hand in keeping the security of Microsoft 365 in check. It also provides answers for the following question:

Is it possible to track admin activities?

M365 Manager Plus provides a separate set of reports called the Admin Activities reports, which make it possible to track even the admin activities in detail. The reports included under this section include:

  • Exchange Admin Activity report
  • Azure Admin Activity report
  • In-Place Hold & eDiscovery Activity report
  • Litigation Hold Activity report
  • Mailbox Quota changes
  • Mailbox Size Changes report
  • Mailbox Permission Changes report
  • Mailbox Delegate Changes report
  • Mailbox Created report
  • Mailbox Deleted report

The categories included under the Security Reports section include Users Security reports, Mailbox Security reports, User Activities reports, and Conditional Access policies reports.

List of other Reports:

  • User Mailbox Security report
  • Mailbox Retention Policy report
  • Mailbox On Hold report
  • Mailbox Auditing report
  • Admin Roles report
  • User Admin Settings report
  • Last Password change report
  • Non-Owner Mailbox Access report
  • Send As Activities by Non-Owners report
  • Mailbox Login Activities report

M365 Manager Plus Features

Embed dashboard: The dashboard in M365 Manager Plus is customizable, which allows you to add the graphical representation of reports onto it. This helps you to take a quick peek on the mail traffic summary, top email senders and receivers, client device usage, and more. This dashboard can be embedded in any of your webpages for constant monitoring.

Schedule reports: The reports can be scheduled to be generated at regular intervals, to reduce the overhead of generating reports manually.

Export: The reports can be exported to PDF, XLSX, HTML, or CSV formats and emailed to the administrator.

Secure delegation: Securely delegate the task of report generation to technicians and IT staff without giving them full access to the Microsoft 365 admin center.

700+ preconfigured reports with insights on all facets of Microsoft 365.

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