Integrate Desktop Central with Jira to eliminate endpoint issues.

Integrate Desktop Central with Jira to eliminate endpoint issues.
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Imagine if you could resolve endpoint-related issues with the click of a button. By combining the endpoint management features you know and love from Desktop Central with your Jira console, you can do exactly that.

It's time to step up your ITSM game.

Centrally manage IT services and IT operations.

Empower your IT technicians and improve customer engagement.

The Jira-Desktop Central integration comes with an entire gamut of enterprise IT management features to centrally manage your endpoints and improve your productivity.

Resolve tickets at light speed.

Save precious time with lightning fast software deployment.

By deploying business apps at the click of a button, you can cut out any unnecessary steps. Reduce the interdependencies different teams have on each other for installing and uninstalling software.

Automate resolution and improve delivery performance.

Troubleshoot client computers from anywhere, anytime.

Take full control of client computers without any user intervention with our advanced remote control feature. Meet your SLAs faster than ever!

Resolve security threats fast.

Protect your network with security management.

With security features such as automated patch management, USB security, software prohibition, and firewall management, you can rest assured that your network is completely secure.

Protect your IT assets.

Track all your IT assets.

Gone are the days when managing inventory was a task too big to handle. With our asset management feature, you can seamlessly track all your hardware and software assets or any changes made to them in just a few clicks.

A single console to make things smarter and simpler.

Work from a single console, with single sign-on feasibility.

No more juggling a dozen of applications; all you need is your Jira console and login credentials and you're good to go!

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