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HomeBanc trusts ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus to resolve its Password expiry and Account lockout problems.

COMPANY: HomeBanc N.A.

INDUSTRY: Banking & Finance Supplier


ABOUT THE COMPANY: HomeBanc N.A. is a principal operating subsidiary of HomeBancorp, Inc. a Tampa-based holding company that was established in 2007 by Jerry Campbell, Chairman, President and CEO. The bank services the entire Central Florida area covering around eight locations. Their lines of business cover retail banking, mortgage banking and commercial banking. In 2007, HomeBancorp, Inc. announced a placement of common stock totaling $49 million, making it the largest amount raised in the history of Florida banking. Mr. Campbell brings his "distinctive personal service" approach to the forefront of the company's philosophy. A culture where customers have a personal banker or lender who knows them by name and personally handles all transactions, both large and small. It also means a stress-free environment that can be seen and felt at all eight branch locations. A philosophy of which they are very proud of.

“ADSelfService Plus has helped us become self sufficient as users and allowed us to place the responsibility back on user to be more careful”

- Rob Buck, CIO, HomeBanc N.A.

Business Challenge

A financial institution of its kind HomeBanc adopts every effort to safeguard the financial information of users. Managing user access to these data happens to be a crucial task. If not handled well, access by an unexpected intruder could be quite disastrous to the bank's integrity and reputation. HomeBanc incorporated an Active Directory based authentication mechanism to bypass such security breaches. But the high volume of support requests relating to locked out accounts and outdated passwords gave a new dimension to the earlier problem.

"Cost/Time of support for tasks such as lockouts and password resets was ridiculous considering the ease of correcting.", said Rob Buck, CIO, HomeBanc N.A.

HomeBanc eventually decided to adopt a pre-existing solution, that would cut down the support requests, without a need to compromise with the security.


HomeBanc had identified a flaw in their mechanism and badly needed a solution that could rectify this. In their search for a suitable solution, the bank identified ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus to be a software that catered appropriate solutions to all their problems. All the employees of the bank were asked to enroll into the Self-Service application. The employees found it quite easy to reset their own passwords and unlock their accounts as and when the need arose; thereby avoiding intervention by any support staff. All this resulted in no wastage of time and effort for bank's employees.

The ADSelfService Plus Advantage

The web based intuitive User Interface of ADSelfService Plus, offered both efficiency as well as flexibility to the users. Despite this flexibility that was offered, security aspects were also taken care well by the product. This was achieved through the Security Question & Answer module that kept a check on intruder interference. Apart from satisfying the immediate requirements of the bank, ADSelfService Plus also held a variety of useful attributes that made it as an obvious choice for HomeBanc.

"ADSelfService Plus gave us a Client based service and also supported options to integrate possible solutions that we may need in the future.", explained Rob Buck of HomeBanc N.A.

Not only this, the ability to customize the product based on the requirements of the organization say like the capacity to incorporate the organization's logo, gave it a definite edge amongst other software of its kind in the market.


Homebanc found ADSelfService Plus to be enticing in terms of both price and features. After deploying ADSelfService Plus, Homebanc N.A. witnessed a considerable reduction in the support request calls relating to account unlocks and password resets. It has more become the user's burden to handle his password and account, than of the administrator. The self-update feature aids employees to update their personal information as and when required. In short, HomeBanc faces no more issues related to password resets and account unlocks for, ADSelfService Plus has eased it out for them in a really secure way.

About ADSelfService Plus


ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus is a secure, web-based password reset program for domain users to perform self-password reset, self-account unlock and self-update of personal details in Active Directory. It helps on a large scale to eliminate the leading source of helpdesk calls and associated expenses by automating password resets and account unlocks thereby optimizing employee productivity. Learn more about ADSelfService Plus from our website.

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ManageEngine provides a suite of powerful Enterprise Management products, including network utilization, performance, security, helpdesk management, email archive management and real-time QoS management among others, aimed at making your business more effective and efficient. With a wide array of products that can be easily integrated, enterprise wide optimization is easily possible. Complementary products provide users with the ability to choose and incorporate features that they need a la' carte!

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