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TXP Corporation

ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus helps TXP Corporation unleash Self-Service options to scale up employee productivity.

COMPANY: TXP Corporation

INDUSTRY: Electronics & communications Supplier

LOCATION: Richardson, TX 75081 USA

ABOUT THE COMPANY: TXP Corporation is an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), for the communications industry involving ONT (optical network terminal) and SMT (surface mount technology). The company is located in Richardson, Texas and is considered a small business. TXP basically acts as an electronics product accelerator to bring products to market more rapidly than is possible anywhere else in the industry. TXP provides products and services to satisfy the needs and exceed the expectations of their customers. And this is achieved through commitment to quality, innovation, time to market, customer satisfaction and value.

“ADSelfService Plus is a tool that we consider indispensable. It is the right tool for the job. Any company that relies on Active Directory authentication with password expiry will benefit from using it.”

- Chris Jackson, Systems Administrator, TXP Coporation.

The Case

TXP Corporation, although a small business lays utmost importance to satisfy and exceed the expectations of their customers. The company maintains many systems in-house including ERP systems, Helpdesk systems, Email, Intranet and others. TXP accomplishes the authentication process by binding all their systems into the Windows Active Directory. With umpteen applications getting executed, ensuring uninterrupted access to the deployed systems and technologies for users is considered indispensable at TXP. The simplest reason being that if someone cannot sign on, it means that he/she cannot work till the problem is rectified. This would ultimately slow down the the usual process, and hinder the progress of TXP. These kind of issues were prevalent when the users' password reached expiry. And for quite a few road warriors that were gone for weeks at a time, password expiry issues used to almost cripple all their activities.

"Around 10 percent of our HelpDesk calls related to password reset and account unlock requests. The number wasn't as important as the criticality of these issues; for if someone cannot sign in, they cannot work." said Chris Jackson, Systems Administrator, TXP Corporation.

It was then realized that an automated system that would allow users to reset passwords remotely without requiring local network access (for road warriors) and warns users via email and/or sms about an upcoming password expiry would help overcome these issues related to user password.

The Business Solution

TXP was able to clearly sense an upcoming state of jeopardy and badly needed a solution that would help elude problems related to lapsed passwords of users. Their search for a solution involved a couple of password reset tools including the SysOp Tools' Password Reminder Pro software. These solutions were not viable due to reasons like the non-availability of the functionality in a single package, higher cost and an unfriendly customer licensing model which was locked to a specific domain. The limited product support offered was yet another drawback of those software.

"The software that we evaluated,offered limited support out of the box (90 days) and an upsell for more support to fill out the rest of the year. A major upgrade after that 90 day window would require an extended contract or an entirely new purchase." complained Chris Jackson of TXP Corporation.

It was at this moment, TXP spotted ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus to be a software that outran its co-players in almost all important aspects. ADSelfService Plus contained all the features that TXP expected. And all this was readily available at a fraction of the cost when compared to competition.

"The price is right. The functionality and feature set matched our requirements exactly. The licensing model was friendly enough for us to decide upon ADSelfService Plus.", explained Chris Jackson.

What made TXP choose ADSelfService Plus?

ADSelfService Plus offered the flexibility to end users to unlock their accounts This greatly helped reduce the volume of Helpdesk calls associated with account lockout issues. Moreover the web-based UI of ADSelfService Plus, made it absolutely simple and easy to use the application. Despite this resilience, the product also extended a strong security coverage through its Secret Question and Answer module. And all this attributed to TXP's choice of ADSelfService Plus.

The dedicated and round the clock support offered by the product was yet another feature that impressed TXP. And this was quite visible from their promptness in resolving queries and their eagerness to collate customer feedback inorder to enhance the product.

"The support staff seemed genuinely eager to help with problems and we were contacted asking for feature-adds that we may like to see in a future update of the product." , exclaimed Chris Jackson of TXP Corporation.

Above all, TXP Corporation was absolutely convinced by the pricing model of ADSelfService Plus. The User based pricing model translated a clear value for money preposition. Also the comprehensive set of features offered by the product, made it quite compelling for TXP to immediately deploy ADSelfService Plus in their environment.

"The savings in support time and costs alone is worth the price of admission.", declared Chris.

Putting it all together, ADSelfService Plus gave TXP an extra mileage when compared to other password reset software in the market.


TXP Corporation has been able to witness a notable difference in the performance of their employees after the deployment of ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus in their environment.

"Our password reset requests are nearly zero. This frees up IT and management, as well as employees, to be more productive.", said Chris Jackson.

Over a 100 employees have successfully enrolled themselves in the self service application and are already enjoying a hassle-free experience in terms of resetting their own passwords, without any one else's intervention. Moreover, the ability of the application to auto-send password expiry notification to the enrolled users via email, actually made life simple for both IT administrators as well as the users.

"Once we enacted a policy requiring new hires to fill out their Q&A to register with our Self Service site, as a condition of their employment, we haven't had a single password reset request from them.", declared the much relieved Chris Jackson, System Administrator, TXP Corporation.

To put it simple, TXP Corporation is now experiencing improved productivity by using the self service benefits offered by ADSelfService Plus. Password Reset is no more considered an issue at TXP, thanks to ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus.

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ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus is a secure, web-based password reset program for domain users to perform self-password reset, self-account unlock and self-update of personal details in Active Directory. It helps on a large scale to eliminate the leading source of helpdesk calls and associated expenses by automating password resets and account unlocks thereby optimizing employee productivity. Learn more about ADSelfService Plus from our website.

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