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Auditing permission changes in SharePoint

Auditing permission changes in SharePoint

Many organizations have decentralized SharePoint permissions management because SharePoint team leaders often understand their team site's permissions better than central IT administrators.

With decentralized permissions management, security tasks are often delegated outside the IT department. For instance, an IT admin may allow site collection administrators to manage the permissions of their corresponding team sites. Although delegation can be beneficial, when a security mishap occurs, the IT admin usually takes the blame.

That's why it's always necessary to ensure the right people have the right permissions, and that those permissions are kept up to date as people join and leave the organization.

SharePoint Manager Plus offers dozens of reports on SharePoint permission changes. At a glance, these reports show the changes made to various permissions, making them handy in a security incident. Run reports for a custom time period to view permission changes made within a specified time. Schedule reports and distribute them via email, or export them as PDF, HTML, XLS, or CSV files.

Audit various permission changes, including:

  • All changes made to permissions.
  • Unique permissions that have been added.
  • Added, modified, or deleted permission levels.
  • Restored permission inheritance.

Manage you team's site permissions with SharePoint Manager Plus.

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