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Shape up with activity reports from SharePoint Manager Plus

SharePoint Activity Reports - SharePoint Manager Plus

Spruce up your SharePoint by monitoring object creation and deletion. But before you can monitor objects, you need to find them. Let SharePoint Manager Plus' reports do the heavy lifting and identify these objects for you. You can then decide the best course of action based on the information in these reports.

Activity reports

  • Recently created sites: A list of newly created sites with details such as site name, location, and parent site name.
  • Recently modified sites: A list of sites to which changes have been recently made.
  • Inactive sites: A list of inoperative sites with information on when they were created and when they were last modified.
  • Unmodified lists and document libraries: An index of lists and document libraries in which there has been no recent activity.

Monitor objects better with Activity Reports from SharePoint Manager Plus.

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