Browser Management for Enterprises

Browser Management refers to a set of activities performed by the IT admin on browsers to improve security and in turn enhance productivity of users. This includes deploying settings to computers to harden the browsers, restricting access to unnecessary websites, removing unused plugins, disabling harmful extensions, routing website traffic to a trusted browsers, etc. These activities increase users efficiency by ensuring security. Browser Security Plus is an easy-to-use enterprise browser management software that helps manage all the major browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer, from a single pane of glass.

Need for enterprise browser management?

With an increasing number of organizations adopting cloud computing in their work environments, employees are relying on browsers to get their work done now more than ever. Different users often prefer different browsers for various reasons, including usability, security, or familiarity. Some users may even use different browsers for personal and business purposes. Since each browser has its own set of vulnerabilities, enterprise browser management is key for staying ahead of threats that could reach a network through these vulnerabilities.

Tool for comprehensive browser management.

Browser Security Plus is an enterprise browser management tool that provides clear visibility and control over the various browsers used in the network, as well as their add-ons. This visibility and control, which are not provided by traditional endpoint management solutions, helps improve productivity while preventing browser-based cyberattacks.

The following are the four aspects associated with browser management:

Obtain visibility.

Browser Security Plus provides complete visibility into a network, including which browsers are present, the default browsers used, the add-ons used in each browser, as well as the potentially harmful add-ons if any exist in the network. IT admins can also create their own reports for viewing specific browser details.

Exercise control.

Browser Security Plus enables IT admins to allow or deny end users access to certain websites and add-ons based on the reliability of those websites and add-ons.

Mission-critical extensions can be distributed to end users silently from a central console, and the manual installation of extensions can be blacklisted. This helps eliminate the probability of data leakage and drive-by attacks.

IT admins can decide which trusted sites can be opened on users' browsers and which should be isolated to a remote browser. This prevents the possible interaction of sensitive business data with malware hosted on untrusted sites.

Enforce security configurations.

Browser vendors provide configurations aimed at preventing and mitigating threats encountered on browsers. Each vendor provides a different set of configurations, which are difficult for many end users to find and configure. Browser Security Plus provides these configurations in groups of solutions like threat prevention, data leakage prevention, and browser customization, which IT admins can configure and deploy to end users from a central console.

Ensure compliance.

Browser Security Plus provides a predefined set of rules that end users need to follow to prevent cyberattacks. Apart from these, IT admins can also create their own compliance standards that work best for their organization specifically. Computers can be tracked for non-compliance; when Browser Security Plus finds a non-compliant computer, it also provides all the information an IT admin needs to make this device complaint.

Management and security go hand-in-hand. Browser management is the key to protecting computers from browser-based cyberthreats and attacks. Browser Security Plus offers comprehensive enterprise browser management and end-to-end security for all aspects of browsers. 

To enjoy the benefits of enterprise browser management, download a free, 30-day trial of Browser Security Plus and try out these features yourself. If you're a Endpoint Central user, you can now enjoy the above features from the comfort of your Endpoint Central console!