URL Filtering software

URL filtering feature allows IT admins to restrict users from accessing unauthorised websites and web applications. URL filter works by comparing the URLs entered by users in the search engine with an allow or deny list defined by IT admins. Based on the policy defined, URLs will be allowed or denied. URL filtering is a security measure that prevents users from landing on unauthorised websites that could be malicious in nature. With Browser Security Plus' URL filtering, they can enforce restrictions based on requirements. URL filtering can be used to not only improve users' productivity by keeping them away from unproductive websites but also ensure security by preventing employees from landing on harmful websites containing malware.

Key features of URL filtering offered by Browser Security Plus

  • Users can not bypass the URL filter restrictions imposed by the IT admins.
  • Effective on endpoints regardless of their location.
  • Easy to use and deploy to users.
  • Saves bandwidth.

This URL filtering guide covers:

Need for URL Filter

In today's business world where employees can work from anywhere, the need for restrictions has increased. The responsibility to ensure the safety of enterprise data regardless of the employees' physical location lies with IT admins. In order to do that, they should ensure security by enforcing restrictions like allowing users to access only those websites and web applications that are necessary for work. This will prevent them from stumbling upon malicious websites and distractions. URL filtering will not only improve productivity, but also ensure security.

Efficient URL filtering in enterprises

Based on the requirement, IT admins can choose to allow or deny access to websites with URL filtering feature.

URL filtering to allow specific websites.

IT admins can allow access only to websites that they wish users to access on their corporate endpoints. With Browser Security Plus' URL filtering software, IT admins can select specific websites that they wish their employees to access. Access to any other websites can be completely blocked.

URL filtering to block websites

When IT admins want to restrict access to specific websites and web applications, they can create a block list and restrict access to unauthorized websites. This option can be when the objective is to improve productivity by blocking access to games and social media websites, while still providing flexibility to use browsers for their needs.

How does URL filter work.

IT admins can define a list of websites that they need to block or allow with Browser Security Plus' URL filter feature. Follow the below steps to block URLs in your organization.

  1. Open Browser Security Plus console.
  2. Navigate to Policies and click on browser customization.
  3. Select the browser on which you wish to allow/block URLs.
  4. Click on URL access.
  5. Select the action you wish to perform.
  6. Enter websites or select the website group you wish to allow/restrict.
  7. Save and Publish the policy.
  8. Deploy to target computers.

Browser Security Plus' web filter and URL filter

Browser Security Plus provides web filter with which IT admins can block users access to websites and also control where users can download files from. Using web filter feature, IT admins can choose to block access to specific websites, or just the downloads from the websites or they can also choose to restrict downloads from just the websites unauthorised for users' access. URL filtering is the feature with which IT admins can restrict access to specific websites using Browser Security Plus' web filter.

Schedule url filtering during specific timings:

Browser Security Plus' url filter feature allows IT admins to perform URL filtering for specific timings. With this feature, IT admins can restrict users to authorized websites only during office hours. Or alternatively they can restrict distractions like social media websites or popular gaming websites during office hours. Either of these methods can help improve users' productivity at work.

To get started using Web Filter and to secure your network, download a free, 30-day trial of Browser Security Plus and try out these features for yourself.