Web Activity Tracking: how to track user activity on the web

Web activity tracking

Web activity tracking overview

Web activity tracking feature allows organizations to monitor employees' activity on the web; it helps IT admins understand which websites users visit so they can decide if these websites are productive or not. With Browser Security Plus' web activity tracking in hand, IT admins can see how much time is being spent on unproductive websites, and restrict access to non-work websites using a Web Filter.

Need for web activity tracking

The internet has become a source of both immeasurable information and countless distractions. Getting sidetracked reduces users’ productivity, and users landing on malicious webpages could subject the organization's sensitive information to the prying eyes of cybercriminals. Implementing user activity tracking software (web activity tracking) is an essential step IT admins need to take to improve users’ productivity and mitigate insider threats.

Mitigating insider threats with web activity tracking.

An insider threat is a threat posed by the users working within an organization who have access to sensitive corporate data. These threats can be posed by users with malignant intent, or simply negligent users who accidentally pave the way to a security breach. Using an user activity tracking software is a way for IT admins to identify possible avenues for a data breach. Once detected, admins can easily use a Web Filter to block access to such websites.

How to increase your employees productivity with user activity tracking on web

Users rely heavily on the internet to get their work done. This brings with it an inevitable string of online distractions. IT admins can track users' web activity to understand which websites are most popular. This information helps admins come up with suitable policies, like restricting access to certain websites entirely or just for a specific period of time.

Web Activity Tracking vs Web Filtering

The purpose of employing a web activity tracking software is to understand your employees' browsing patterns and come up with a strategy to improve security and productivity. If you want to impose a lockdown on the web and allow access only to trusted websites, then you can directly employ a web filter to allow only the trusted/authorised websites. Web filter when used in a combination with web filter can help IT admins build strong zero-trust policies for the web.

How to track employee web activity?

Browser Security Plus' Web Activity Tracking feature allows IT admins to stay aware of the websites that users visit on popular browsers. By default, this feature is disabled within Browser Security Plus console.

Step 1: To enable the feature, navigate to agent tab and then click on agent settings.

Step 2: Check the box next to Monitor users' web activity

Step 3: Click on save

Browser Security Plus' web activity tracking software

Once enabled, IT admins will be able to track users' activity on the web. Based on the insights obtained, IT admins can use the Web Filter to filter unwanted traffic. To track users' web activity, download a free, 30-day trial of Browser Security Plus and try out these features for yourself.