What is Browser Security Plus?

With many business applications shifting to the cloud, browsers are becoming the tool employees use most to access their work. So it should come as no surprise that hackers are following along in this trend with attempts to exploit organizations through browsers. Lately, organizations have seen a steady rise in browser-based threats. Browser Security Plus will help you combat these attacks before they can reach your network. Its features are designed to help you detect any vulnerability or harmful components in your network, enforce security configurations, control users' access to traffic and add-ons on the browsers and finally audit to check for any deviations from stipulated standards. Here's how Browser Security Plus helps IT admin to combat browser-based attacks

  1. Detect.

  2. Detect the various browsers used across your network, including which browsers are used as the default browser, which are up to date, which need an update, which browser extensions and plug-ins are used across your network, and which among them are potentially dangerous. Visibility into your network is the first step toward ensuring security. Once you have a clear picture of what your organization looks like, you'll more easily be able to see what your business' weaknesses are.

  3. Enforce

  4. Addressing your business' weaknesses can be a cake walk with Browser Security Plus' policy compilation. With security configurations segregated into policies like threat prevention, data leakage prevention, and browser customization policies, you can use the ones you need to address your business' unique requirements. All you'll have to do is configure a policy and deploy it across the computers that you want to secure.

  5. Control

  6. Security breaches can happen in a number of ways: when a user lands on a vulnerable site accidentally, installs a malicious browser extension, runs a vulnerable plug-in on an untrustworthy site, or even clicks on a random link on an untrustworthy site. Most threats require user interaction in one form or another. Prevent these kinds of threats by limiting your employees' access to only trusted sites and add-ons with Browser Security Plus. Disable chrome extensions and IE plugins that are detected by Browser Security Plus to be harmful.

  7. Audit

  8. Old threats are continuously evolving and new ones keep emerging every day. Keeping track of your enterprise's security status and compliance to your established security standards is the final and most crucial step to security. Keeping an eye on your network's security status helps you know the moment your network becomes vulnerable. Browser Security Plus provides you with a set of reports and a compliance engine that watches your network's computers for you and keeps you posted on their statuses.

    Benefits of Browser Security Plus:

    • Prevents cyberattacks that propagates via browsers and promotes browser security.
    • Secures data shared on and through browsers to web applications/cloud.
    • Helps you remain vigilant about the browsers being used, and know if they're up to date.
    • Helps you stay compliant with browser security standards like CIS and STIG.
    • Improves productivity by cutting down distractions and cyberattacks while making sure users don't face website-browser compatibility issues.
    • Its integration with ManageEngine Endpoint Central allows IT admins to manage browsers along with other endpoints like laptops, desktops, mobile devices, software applications etc.

    To secure your browsers and mitigate web-based threats now,download a free, 30-day trial of Browser Security Plus and try out these features for yourself.