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Setting up Elasticsearch

By default, Cloud Security Plus uses self-signed certificates for Elasticsearch security (authentication and encryption). If you want to use your own certificates for ES security, follow the below steps:

  • First, make sure you have a client certificate, a node certificate, and a root certificate. Also ensure that all three are in PEM format.
  • Rename the certificates and their corresponding keys as follows:
    • Client certificate to client.pem and its key to client.key
    • Node certificate to localnode.pem and its key to localnode.key
    • Root certificate to root_ca.pem and its key to root_ca.key
  • Now, go to /ES/config and open the file.
  • Change the value of the parameter use_custom_certificates to true.
  • In /ES/config , check if the following files exist. If they do exist, delete them.
    • client.key
    • client.pem
    • localnode.key
    • localnode.pem
    • root_ca.key
    • root_ca.pem
  • Then, copy your certificates to <CloudSecurityPlus_Home>/ES/config .
  • Now, go to <CloudSecurityPlus_Home>/ES/bin and run the verifyCertificates.bat file.
  • If you receive a message saying 'Certificate Validation Done', start the server. If you do not get the message, contact support at